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Events are categorised by their internal designations in the game files.


A more challenging event type where players progress on their own through a single line of increasingly difficulty battles.


Follow the story path as it leads up to a showdown with final boss.


A story with several possible endings - players must unlock and traverse the various branches to get to the true end.


A rare event type. Each quest consists of its own mini-map, which players traverse. Each node on the mini-map is a battle wave, item drop, or team power-up/debuff.


A list of limited-time special Gacha banners, normally run alongside other events.


Campaigns that run over a period of time with daily login rewards.


Boss-only events where players team up to take down opponents.


The most common event type, featuring story and challenge levels.


Normally found during uncaps or new character releases, these events help players quickly level and power up their Magical Girls.

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