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Event duration: 5th March 2019 16:00 JST - 22nd March 2019 14:59 JST

During this period, a number of bonuses are applied:

Daily Login Bonus: in addition to the normal daily login bonus, an additional 5 Magia Stone and 1 AP Potion can be obtained each day.

Doubled Player EXP: During the period, Player EXP gain from Main Story levels is doubled.

Doubled Support Points: During the period, Support Point gain from supports in Main Story levels is doubled.

Magical Girl Strengthening, great success & double success rate increased: During the period, when strengthening magical girls with Strengthening Gems, the chance of getting "Great Success" and "Super Success" is doubled.

1/2 AP on story levels: During the period Main Story Chapters 1 - 9 levels cost half AP (rounded up).

Story Completion Missions: all previous limited-time missions for completing story chapters will be available. Missions that have previously been completed will not re-appear, only unfinished ones. A new set of limited-time missions are also available for completing Main Story Chapter 10, parts 1 and 2.

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