Forest Orb

Forest Orb (フォレストオーブ) is an item in Magireco. The item has its highest drop rate at the intermediate (15 AP) dungeon on Thursdays. (Please always refer to the drop rate data sheet for the most updated information.)

Girls who use this item are listed below:

Magical Girl Awakening Magia Total
Akino KaedeAkino Kaede Akino Kaede 9 0 9
Anna MeruAnna Meru Anna Meru 9 0 9
Chitose YumaChitose Yuma Chitose Yuma 9 0 9
Futaba SanaFutaba Sana Futaba Sana 15 0 15
Haruna KonomiHaruna Konomi Haruna Konomi 15 0 15
Miyako HinanoMiyako Hinano Miyako Hinano 15 0 15
Natsume KakoNatsume Kako Natsume Kako 15 0 15
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