[JP] おしゃれ全開
[NA] Fashion at Full Speed!
Memoria 1099 c.png
Illustrator: Isobe Toast (磯部トースト)
Can be used by: Ayano Rika
Obtainability: Normal Gacha
Rarity: ✵✵✵
Min/Max HP: 486 ➜ 1215
Min/Max ATK: 0 ➜ 0
Min/Max DEF: 446 ➜ 1115
Max lvl: 40
Memoria ID: 1099


Monopolize Draw Flame.png Monopolize Draw
Normal Effect (Cooldown: 15 turns)
Monopolize Draw
Fully Ascended Effect (Cooldown: 13 turns)
Monopolize Draw


She's in love with all the most popular fashions, all the latest cosmetics. She loves girly fashion, but she is often treated with prejudice for her appearance.

The popular flashy clothes, the latest and most mature cosmetics.
She likes cute and gyaru fashion, but people often judge her solely by her appearance.


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