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About the Gacha

The Gacha is where you can spend your Magia Stones to obtain new Magical Girls and Memoria.

As with most Gacha games, there is a degree of luck involved in what you get. The Gacha Rates can be viewed for each respective Gacha, so be aware that you may not always get who or what you want.

To make things a bit easier, Magia Record operates a Pity System. When you have had 99 spins of the Gacha without a 4* Magical Girl, your 100th spin will always be a 4* Magical Girl. Getting a 4* Magical Girl will reset your counter.

There are 3 main types of Gacha.

Rare Gacha

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This is the game's basic Gacha. It is always available and features every unlimited Magical Girl and Memoria.

Rare Gacha Costs

  • 1 paid spin = 8 PURCHASED Magia Stones. This is only available once per day, and only uses Magia Stones that have been paid for with real money.
  • 1 spin = 25 Magia Stones or 1 Gacha Ticket. If you have tickets, they are used before Magia Stones.
  • 10 spins = 250 Magia Stones or 1 10 Gacha Ticket. If you have tickets, they are used before Magia Stones. You are guaranteed to get a 3*+ Memoria and a Magical Girl from a 10 spin.

Event Gacha

See main article Gacha Events

Tutorial Event Gacha.png

Magia Record regularly has time-limited Gachas that run during a specific period. These usually feature target Magical Girls and Memoria who have an increased drop rate. Additionally, limited Magical Girls and Memoria are often only obtainable through an Event Gacha. Keep an eye on the current Events to see who is available at a given time.

Note: The pity counter does NOT carry over between Event Gachas - once an Event Gacha ends and the next one starts, the pity counter is reset to 0! Keep this in mind when considering whether or not to spin an Event Gacha.

Normal Gacha

Tutorial Normal Gacha.png

Unlike the other Gacha types, the Normal Gacha takes Support Points instead of Magia Stones, making it more accessible to all players. This comes at a cost, however, as the Normal Gacha does not drop Magical Girls. Instead, you receive Strengthening Gems to level up your Magical Girls. The Normal Gacha is also the only place you can obtain 1* Memoria.

Once per day, you can get 10 pulls from the Normal Gacha for free. This free spin resets at midnight JST, and is marked by a "FREE" marker over the Gacha icon on the Home Screen.

Gacha Rates

These are the normal drop rates in the Rare Gacha.


Gacha Scenes

These scenes play when you spin the Gacha. Watch the scenes carefully for a hint of what you might get.

Scene 1
At least one ★★★ or better card is guaranteed!
Scene 2
At least one fire element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
At least one water element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
At least one forest element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
At least one light element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
At least one dark element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
At least one void element Magical Girl is guaranteed!
Scene 3
At least one ★★★ Magical Girl is guaranteed!
Jackpot! At least one ★★★★ Magical Girl is guaranteed!
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