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An overview of basic gameplay mechanics.


Discs are the primary attacks used by Magical Girls. Each Magical Girl has a set of 5 Discs.

During the player's turn in a battle, the disc sets of the team's Magical Girls are combined together, and 5 random discs are then made available for the player. 3 discs must then be chosen to attack with.

There are three type of discs: Accele, Blast, and Charge.

Accele Accele.png

  • When used alone, an Accele disc deals damage to a single enemy, and increase the Magia gauge of the attacker.
    • An Accele disc used as the 2nd or 3rd disc will give slightly more Magia than one used as the 1st.
  • An Accele disc in the first position will allow all subsequent discs to restore a little Magia.
  • Using 3 Accele discs in a same turn forms an Accele combo which increase the Magia gauge of all team members by a base amount of 20.

Blast Blastv.pngBlasth.png

  • When used alone, a Blast disc deals damage to a line of enemies, either in a row or a column, depending on the type noted on the top right corner.
    • Blast attacks do not normally increase the Magia gauge.
  • A damage multiplier is applied to Blast discs depending on the position it is in the attack order. The first position has a 1.0x modifier, the second has a 1.1x modifier, and the third has a 1.2x damage modifier.
  • Using 3 Blast discs in a same turn (mixing the 2 types is allowed) forms a Blast Combo, increasing the damage of all 3 attacks.

Charge Charge.png

  • When used alone, a Charge disc deals damage to a single enemy, slightly restores the magia gauge, and increases the Charge count by 1.
  • Using 3 Charge discs in a same turn forms a Charge combo, automatically increasing the Charge count by 2.
  • The Charge count continues to increase between turns until an Accele or Blast disc is used, up to a maximum of 20 Charges.
  • Using am Accele or Blast disc while there is an active Charge count will result in a Charged Attack. All Charge counts are consumed and the attack will gain both a damage and an MP restoration multiplier that scales with the Charge count.
    • Charged Accele discs have a higher MP increase multiplier, while Charged Blast discs have a higher damage multiplier.

MP Calculation

Base MP of a Single Accele, Blast or Charge Disc
Position 1st Disc 2nd Disc 3rd Disc (With Accele as 1st Disc)
A (Quests) 7.0 10.5 14.0 10.0 13.5 17.0
B (Quests) 0.0 0.0 0.0 - 3.0 3.0
C (Quests) 2.0 3.0 4.0 - 6.0 7.0
A (Mirrors) 10.5 15.8 21.0 13.5 18.8 24.0
B (Mirrors) 0.0 0.0 0.0 - 3.0 3.0
C (Mirrors) 3.0 4.5 6.0 - 7.5 9.0

Character Type MP Modifier
Type Attacking (%) Attacked* (%)
Magia 120 120
Support 120 100
Ultimate 110 120
Heal 100 120
Attack 100 80
Exceed 90 100
Balanced 90 90
Defense 80 100
*Base MP gained when attacked is 4MP in Quests and 6MP in Mirrors.
*Note that Ultimate Madoka-senpai's unique type "Ultimate" is not the same as the Ultimate-type, and has lower bonuses closer to Exceed-type

MP Charged Bonus
Charge(s) Accele MP Modifier
1 1.3
2 1.6
3 1.9
4 2.2
5 2.5
6 2.7
7 2.9
8 3.1
9 3.3
10 3.5
11 3.9
12 4.3
13 4.7
14 5.1
15 5.5
16 6.0
17 6.5
18 7.0
19 7.5
20 8.0


For a comparison chart of Connects, see Connect List

Every magical girl has a connect (Japanese: コネクト) skill.

Every time a Magical Girl attacks, she adds a charge to her Connect gauge, up to a total 3 charges.

Once a Magical Girl's Connect gauge is full, she gains the ability to connect to another member of her team. To do so, the player must drag one of her discs ("A") onto another Magical Girl ("B").

  • B will attack instead of A, using the Disc type selected
  • B will gain all of the boosts from A's Connect
  • The disc counts as an attack by both A and B, meaning that a Puella Combos can be formed using 2 other discs from either character.
  • A's Connect gauge is reset, while B will gain a charge to her gauge

A Magical Girl's Connect will normally improve as her Rarity increases.


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Spirit Enhancement

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Damage Calculations

For a detailed breakdown of the game's calculation system, please see this Youtube video by Discord member Razielim

In its simplest terms, damage is calculated as the Attacker's ATK, minus 1/3 of the defender's DEF, adjusted by bonuses. These bonuses include:

Attack Up vs. Damage Up

Attack Up is generally considered to be superior to Damage Up, as it increases the gap between the the attacker's ATK and the defender's DEF.

However, Damage Up & Damage Increase should not be dismissed off the bat. A 25% Damage Increase will give broadly similar results to a 20% Attack Up, and may be a usable alternative.

Additionally, when considering Memoria setups, players need to consider the opponents they match against. The higher the opponent's defense, the less impact Attack Up will have. In these situations, a combination of Attack Up and Damage Up/Increase may give better results.

Finally, Attack Up as a boost is capped at 100%. Damage Up and Damage Increase, by comparison, are considered separate boosts and therefore can stack to give a much greater bonus.

Defense Up vs. Damage Cut

In the same vein as Attack Up vs Damage Up, Defense modifiers are generally more effective than Damage Modifiers.

Defense vs. HP

Defense is preferable to HP when considering Memoria. More DEF significantly reduces the amount of damage taken. More HP allows for more damage to be taken, but at the cost of taking harder hits meaning the extra HP does not last long.

Which Discs Should I Use?

Players will be limited by which of their team's discs are presented on a given turn. In general, aim for whatever combos are available. Puella Combos are always beneficial as they will set up for Connects.

In a situation where there isn't an easy combo, the JP community have created a chart listing the most effective damage combinations: