This Memoria was originally released on the NA server with different stats. For the archived version, see My Victory Pose Is Kawaii Too

[JP] 憧れの地で大いに活躍を
Memoria 1604 c.png
Illustrator: Benio (紅緒)
Can be used by: All
Obtainability: Where Is Ashley Taylor's Japanese Horror!? Pickup Gacha
Rarity: ✵✵✵✵
Min/Max HP: 843 ➜ 2108
Min/Max ATK: 883 ➜ 2208
Min/Max DEF: 0 ➜ 0
Max lvl: 50
Memoria ID: 1604


Chance to Bind on Attack.png Bind Attack Adept
Normal Effect
Attack Up [IV / 20%] & Chance to Bind on Attack [II / 15%] (1 Turn)
Fully Ascended Effect
Attack Up [V / 25%] & Chance to Bind on Attack [III / 20%] (1 Turn)


I got my wish and got to study in Japan, the country of my dreams! You only live once... so it's better to have fun! That's what I promised my Daddy. Now, let's look for KAWAII today! Come on, Kumanosuke!


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