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  • JP: かばう
  • NA: Guard
  • Category: Granted Effect
  • Effect: Take an attack in the place of an ally. The user moves over and blocks the attack, unlike Provoke where the attack is redirected. Has no effect if both the user and the ally are hit by the same Blast disc. Both the user and the ally will gain MP from being attacked. Note that a character afflicted by Charm, Stun, or Bind will not block an attack if they gained Guardian through an Active Skill. Characters with passive Guardian, i.e. those from Spirit Enhancement, will still draw attacks.


Magical Girl Effect
No connect has this effect

Spirit Enhancement

Magical Girl Effect
Miki Sayaka (Surfing ver.).png Miki Sayaka (Surfing ver.) 100% (1 Turn)
Miki Sayaka (Surfing ver.).png Miki Sayaka (Surfing ver.) II / 15%
Togame Momoko.png Togame Momoko II / 15%


Magical Girl Effect
No magia has this effect


Memoria Effect
Memoria 1527 s.png A World with Just Me (Memoria) 100% (Self / 1 turn)
Memoria 1125 s.png Back Alley Friend 100% (Self / 1 Turn)
Memoria 1455 s.png Natsu and Suzuka: Painful Break III / 20%
Memoria 1517 s.png Nice Feeling Only Between Us 100% (Self / 1 turn)
Memoria 1128 s.png Recovery and Resolve 100% (Self / 1 Turn)
Memoria 1442 s.png Special Remnants 100% (Self / 1 turn)
Memoria 1109 s.png The First and Last Page II / 15% (100% if the target is Ayano Rika)
Memoria 1328 s.png The Stories (Rumors) Also Know III / 20%
Memoria 1190 s.png The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex III / 20%
Memoria 1694 s.png Up to 300 Yen Per Person 100% (1 Turn)
Memoria 1170 s.png Épée de Clovis 100% (Self / 1 Turn)
My Dreams Continue After I Wake Up My Dreams Continue After I Wake Up 100%

Doppel / Magia 2

Magical Girl Effect
No doppel or magia2 has this effect