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Event Duration

Event duration: 1st January 2018 (Monday) 00:00 JST - 9th January 2017 (Tuesday) 14:59 JST

Event Guide

1: Play regular (non-event) quests to earn Event_value. Use event related memoria to increase the amount of Event_value that drop after each battle. The relevant memoria are listed below. Event_value works as event AP. 40px

2: You need Event_value to enter event quests, with clearing event quests, you can get Event_currency. 40px

3: You can exchange items with Event_currency in the event shop.

4: During the event, all AP costs will be decreased by 50%, rounded up.

+ In addition there'll be bonus login rewards durin the event.
+ During this time it will also be possible to buy magia stones (with yen) at a reduced price.
+ During this time there will also be a special item set available for sale, bought with purchused magia stones.
This will be added to a separate event once these are properly announced.

Event Memoria Guide

Memoria Bonus Effect Max Limit Break Bonus Effect

Unique Event Item

Story Quests

Challange Quests

Event Shop

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
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