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[JP] ホーリーアリナ
[NA] Holy Alina




Holy Alina 04.png
Illustrator: Sasagi Koushi (ササギコウシ)
English 4★ Image

Holy Alina 05.png
Illustrator: Sasagi Koushi (ササギコウシ)
English 5★ Image

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Growth Type



Sakae Comprehensive School

Voice Actor

Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈)


f4samurai & gekidan INU CURRY (Doro Inu) (f4samurai・劇団イヌカレー(泥犬))

Personal Memoria

Magical Girl VS Series? Round 2

Release Date

[JP] 2018-12-11
[NA] 2019-12-13


The Artist Who Paints the Holy Night Pickup Gacha

4★ 5,045 ➜ 18,686 2,206 ➜ 7,769 1,556 ➜ 5,520
5★ 5,714 ➜ 23,541 2,510 ➜ 9,814 1,762 ➜ 6,942
SE 23,541 ➜ 32,373 9,814 ➜ 11,975 6,942 ➜ 8,903

人類の根底宿ったテーマを自身のアートとして表現しようとしている魔法少女。 必要なエネルギーを得るために、凍えている人を温めては、代償として寿命を奪う。 同時に対象のデスマスクを作成するが、直接関係のない芸術活動でしかない。

A Magical Girl dressed in her own art, based on the nature of mankind. In order to gather the energy needed for this form, she warms those with frozen hearts in exchange for years off of their life. She also creates a death mask of her target, that’s just an unrelated artistic pursuit.

A Magical Girl who attempts to express themes that lie in the foundation of humanity in her artwork. In order to obtain the energy she needs, she warms freezing people, then takes their lives as compensation. At the same time, she creates death masks of her victims as just another creative outlet.

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Max Stat Bonuses

HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +5% +8% +4% +4% +8% +4%
5★ +6% +9% +5% +5% +9% +5%
SE +6% +9% +5% +9% +15% +13%

Spirit Enhancement Effects and Skill

Icon Effect Name Effect Description
MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP.png MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP.png MP Boost [II] MP Gain Up When Over 100 MP [II / 20%]
Doppel Damage Up.png Doppel Adept [I] Doppel Damage Up [I / 5%] & Magia Damage Up [I / 5%]
Doppel Damage Up.png Doppel Adept [I] Doppel Damage Up [I / 5%] & Magia Damage Up [I / 5%]
Critical.png Critical Adept [II] Chance to Critical Hit [II / 15%]
Chance to Evade.png Parry Adept [II] Chance to Evade [II / 15%]
Anti-Evade.png Aiming Adept [III] Chance to Anti-Evade [III / 35%]
Blast Up.png Blast Adept [III] Blast Damage Up [III / 20%]
Chance to Poison.png Poison Edge [II] Chance to Poison on Attack [II / 15%] (3 Turns)
MP Gain Up.png Morale Adept [II] MP Gain Up [II / 7.5%]
Negative Effect Damage Up.png Addict Killer [II] Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [II / 20%]
Anti-Provoke.png Blazen Adept [VII] Chance to Anti-Provoke [VII / 60%]
Status Ailment Resistance Down.png Harmful Cloud [IX] Chance to Poison [VII / 45%] (All / 1 Turn) & Status Ailment Resistance Down [IX / 25%] (All / 1 Turn) Cooldown: 8 Turns


Attack Up.png [JP] 人類の悲願のアートを一緒に
[NA] The Art Humanity Desires
Attack Up VII / 35%IX / 40%
Chance to Curse on Attack 100%100%
Chance to Stun on Attack 35%50%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Magia All.png [JP] ∞ De cay
[NA] Infinite Decay
★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Damage All Enemies VI / 350%VIII / 370% 10%
Status Ailment Resistance Down All Enemies / 3 Turns / 25%All Enemies / 3 Turns / 30% 2.5%
Chance to Dazzle All Enemies / 1 Turn / 47.5%All Enemies / 1 Turn / 100% -
Defense Down Self / 1 Turn / 50%Self / 1 Turn / 50% -


Old Dorothy Old Dorothy Old Dorothy
Doppel of Fever
Pastry Bag Shaped
Doppel Effects
Damage All Enemies [X / 924%] & Status Ailment Resistance Down (All Enemies / 3 Turns / 50%) & Dazzle (All Enemies / 1 Turn / 100%) & Defense Down (Self / 1 Turn / 50%)
Draft & Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


The master of this emotion believes that the art it seeks and the art humanity desires subconsciously are one and the same, and she gathers energy to make that art reality. The joy of the realization that the universal theme of humanity is the manifestation of an individual's emotion is reflected in this Doppel's appearance. Not only does it experience euphoria, but its pathogenetic tempera paint also shines with brilliant hues. However, the pain it inflicts and the suffering it endures are one and the same. Its victims' death rattles like echoes accolades in its master's ears.

The master of this emotion believes that the artwork she desires is also what humanity desires on a deep, unconscious level, and is gathering energy to make that artwork a reality.
Having realized that the beauty of personal emotional expression is the fundamental artistic motif of humanity, her resulting joy has also affected her Doppel’s form. In addition to embodying her festive cheer, even the Pathogen Tempera it pipes out now shines in a wide range of colors.
That said, though, the pain and suffering that it gives and receives are exactly the same. The agonized screams of those it devours shall surely sound like beautiful hymns to its master’s ears.