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Event Duration

  • February 25th 2020 02:00 AM PST - February 29th 2020 11:59 PM PST


During this event, in addition to the daily login bonus, players will receive the following additional items:

Magical Macaron
Master Gem ++
5x Magical Macaron
(max 25)
5x Master Gem ++
(max 25)

Event Shop

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Light Book10 2 x Magical MacaronLight Book +10 4 x Magical Macaron
Light Book ++10 8 x Magical MacaronLight Orb +10 2 x Magical Macaron
Light Orb ++10 3 x Magical MacaronSheep Warhorn10 3 x Magical Macaron
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper10 3 x Magical MacaronRooftop Key10 3 x Magical Macaron
Swallowtail Feather10 3 x Magical MacaronPlaque Cord10 5 x Magical Macaron
Padlock Chain10 5 x Magical MacaronCommoner's Horse Wheel10 10 x Magical Macaron
Rooftop Balloon10 10 x Magical MacaronBunny Ear Cotton10 10 x Magical Macaron
Sheep Horn10 10 x Magical Macaron

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