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  • Hometown: Sankyō Ward, Kamihama City (参京区)
  • Age: 16 (High School 1st Year)
  • Height: 161 cm
  • Weapon: Chakram
  • Ability: Linking spaces
  • Soul Gem Location: Left torso

Side Story

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  • Shizuku used to call the boy she liked "Fuunii" as an abbreviation of his nickname, Fuuten no onii-san (though his real name was Kasugai).
  • Kasugai used to travel around the world and asked Shizuku if she wanted to travel with him.
  • In MagiReco's adaptation of Chitose Yuma's story (originally from Oriko Magica), Shizuku forms part of the cast and talks to both Oriko and Kyouko.


Hozumi Shizuku Transform

Hozumi Shizuku Transform


Hozumi Shizuku Magia Video

Hozumi Shizuku Magia Video

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