For the Memoria of the same name, see I'll Do Anything (Memoria).

I'll Do Anything is the title of the sixth episode of the Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story anime.


  • Sakura Kyouko


Iroha is unaware of what transpired the previous night as she comes across Lucky Owl Water being offered by Felicia Mitsuki, a self-styled mercenary.

Yachiyo encounters Sakura Kyouko, who intends to hunt Witches in Kamihama. Drinking the Lucky Owl Water results in some lucky happenings but Yachiyo informs Iroha that something unlucky will comes to pass after twenty four lucky occurrences.

With Felicia, Yachiyo and Tsuruno, Iroha searches for the "Uwasa" who knows more about the Lucky Owl Water. They are found by girls known as the "Wings of the Magius" who extend the offer of eradicating witches to Felicia.

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