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Disclaimer: The author and the community bear no responsibility for potentially bricking your device, account restriction, virus infection, computer explosion, corrupted soul gems, head bitten off, Walpurgisnacht and the end of the world.

Magia Record is region-locked, meaning players must have access to the Japanese app stores in order to download it. Players who live in Japan or have access to the JP store can download the game directly:

Android Workaround

Magia Record requires a minimum of Android 4.4. Each of these methods is primarily for mobile devices, though may also work on emulators.

ADB - recommended

Requires a computer and a USB cable. Magisk Hide might work for rooted devices.

This method involves "forcing" the app to install directly onto the phone, essentially tricking the phone into thinking the app was downloaded from the JP store.


The auto-installer is a program created by veritas for "spoofing" Magia Record onto your phone. It works on Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux.

  1. Make sure USB debugging is "on" on your device. Guide.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  3. Download the appropriate release from
  4. Unpack the magiarecord folder and run magiarecord_automatic_updater, which will install the game to your phone.
  5. The automatic updater can also be used if Magia Record is already installed; in this case, the game will be updated to the latest version.


  1. Make sure USB debugging is "on" on your device.
  2. (Optional) Uninstall the app if it is already installed on your device.
  3. Download the latest MagiReco from ApkPure or RikaRen onto the computer that is using ADB.
  4. Install Android Debug Bridge (Windows Mac Linux) on your computer.
  5. Connect your phone to your computer via USB.
  6. Open Terminal/Command Prompt.
  7. Enter the following commands one by one and the game should be ready to launch.
    • If you see "adb is not recognized as an internal or external command", please type cd <your adb directory>. Also, please confirm any prompt on your device while installing.
    • If your computer does not support Japanese characters, change the file name from Japanese to English.
      adb devices
      adb push <path of your APK> /sdcard/app.apk
      adb shell pm install -r -i "" -r /sdcard/app.apk

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Only works if your device is in the compatible device list.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to spoof the location of your phone. Note that with recent Google Play updates, this method may require permanently changing your Play Store region to Japan for a minimum of 1 year.

No VPN provider is endorsed or advertised by the wiki, however there are multiple free and paid options available.

  1. Start your VPN.
  2. Choose Japan region.
  3. Clear Google Play Store data.
  4. Open Google Play Store. If you see app names in Japanese, you are using Japanese Play Store.
  5. Install the latest MagiReco and wait until the installation is completed.
  6. If the app region has not changed, you will have to change your App store region instead. This change is permanent for at least 1 year, and switching regions will result in the loss of any outstanding Play Store credit. See official instructions for how to do this.

IMPORTANT: After the app has been downloaded, check your VPN region before launching the game! Individual game accounts are also region-locked, meaning that they can only be transferred to another device in the same region (i.e. Japan to Japan). Make note of the region before creating an account.

App Cloner

This method uses App Cloner to install the game with specific settings.

Neither App Cloner nor any APK provider is officially endorsed by the Wiki staff.

  1. Download and install App Cloner here.
  2. Download and install the latest MagiReco from ApkPure or RikaRen .
  3. Open App Cloner and select MagiReco. Clone the game with the desired settings.

Modified Cured APK

Using a modified Android Package Kit may violate Terms of Service. Install only if you agree with the disclaimer above.

A modified APK is an installation package that has been edited in some way to allow it to work. They can be installed to a device or emulator by simply copying the file across and running it on that device.

Modified APK files can be found on Reddit or Discord).



Only works if your device is running Android 7.1 Nougat or earlier versions.

Similar to App Cloner, EasyInstall is an install assistant.

Neither EasyInstall nor any APK provider is officially endorsed by the Wiki staff.

  1. Enable "Unknown sources" under Settings > Security
  2. Download the latest MagiReco from ApkPure or RikaRen onto your device.
  3. Download and install EasyInstall here.
  4. Click the grey button (shown below) to install the APK.
  5. When you are prompted with Package Installer on your device, click "Install" and wait until the installation is completed.

iOS Workarounds

Only works if your device is in the compatible device list.

  1. Log out if you have logged in an account.
  2. Go to iTunes MagiReco and click the blue button below app icon.
  3. Create a new Apple ID. Make sure "If the billing address of your payment information is not in Japan, click here." is present in Terms and Conditions and Apple Privacy Policy. Pick a random location in Japan in billing address.
  4. Verify your Email address and sign in with your Japanese account.
  5. Download MagiReco from App Store on your iOS device.