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Event Duration

  • NA only: August 22nd 2019 05:00 AM PDT - August 29th 2019 11:59 PM PDT


During this event, in addition to the daily login bonus, players will receive the following additional items:

Iroha's Birthday Medal 10x Tsukuyo Amane Fate Weave Ticket Magia Stone
Iroha's Birthday Medal 10x Tsukuyo Amane Fate Weave Ticket 10 Magia Stones

Iroha's Birthday Medal

This special currency can be spent in a limited-time event shop.

Item Quantity Price Item Quantity Price
Memoria 1152 s 1 7 x Iroha's Birthday Medal Gacha Ticket1 2 x Iroha's Birthday Medal
AP Potion1 1 x Iroha's Birthday Medal 10,000 CC1 1 x Iroha's Birthday Medal

10x Tsukuyu Amane Fate Weave Ticket

This ticket acts as a 10 Fate Weave Ticket specifically for the Tsukuyo Amane Fate Weave. Tickets can only be used on this Fate Weave and cannot be spent once the event ends.

Limited Event Bundle

A special bundle will be available in the Magia Stone Shop. Note that this bundle costs 250 paid Magia Stones that have been purchased with actual money - free Stones from Missions, Events, etc. cannot be used.

The bundle contains:

Guaranteed ★4 Ticket 10 Gacha Ticket
10 Master Gem ++ 10 Aqua Gem ++
10 Flame Gem ++ 10 Forest Gem ++
10 Light Gem ++ 10 Dark Gem ++

Guaranteed ★4 Fate Weave

Only the special ticket from the event bundle can be spent on this Fate Weave; Magia Stones cannot be used.

Using the special ticket will get the player a 4★ Magical Girl from the unlimited pool.

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