Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Shinsei Ward, Kamihama City (新西区)
  • Age: 15 (Middle School 3rd Year)
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weapon: Cane with a wing at its tip
  • Ability: Ascend to Heaven (eliminate grief seeds)
  • Soul Gem Location: below her neck

Side Story

Standing on top of a tall building, Ren contemplates ending her own life for the second time. Burdened by the ugly side of humanity, she originally contracted with Kyubey to save her life after her first attempt, who convinced her that the bullying she was facing was caused by Witches. However, after being a Magical Girl for some time, she comes to the realization that humanity is inherently evil and decides that there's nothing left for her. After jumping, she's rescued by Ayano Rika, a fellow Magical Girl. Seeing the deep sorrow in Ren, Rika decides to drag her around town and introduces Ren to all her Magical Girl friends in an attempt to show her the bright side of humanity. Each girl gives Ren a small gift and tries to support her. Late in the afternoon, after Rika talks about her own mistakes and misfortunes, Ren discovers that, while she's still too timid to open up about her depression, she's glad to have found some beauty left in the world.


  • Her doppel name "Renata" is a variant of Renatus, which means "reborn".
  • Before the release of the Bluray version of the TV anime, she was the only Magical Girl in the game with 2 personal Memoria that are not shared with other Magical Girls.
  • Ren (or, more accurately, Rena transformed into her) briefly appears in Episode 2 of the TV Anime.
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