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Gems used to increase the level or basic stats of Magical Girls.

Levelling Gems

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Dark Gem.png ダークジェムDark Gem Dark Gem Light Gem.png ライトジェムLight Gem Light Gem
Dark Gem +.png ダークジェム+Dark Gem + Dark Gem+ Light Gem +.png ライトジェム+Light Gem + Light Gem+
Dark Gem ++.png ダークジェム++Dark Gem ++ Dark Gem++ Light Gem ++.png ライトジェム++Light Gem ++ Light Gem++
Aqua Gem.png アクアジェムAqua Gem Aqua Gem Flame Gem.png フレイムジェムFlame Gem Flame Gem
Aqua Gem +.png アクアジェム+Aqua Gem + Aqua Gem+ Flame Gem +.png フレイムジェム+Flame Gem + Flame Gem+
Aqua Gem ++.png アクアジェム++Aqua Gem ++ Aqua Gem++ Flame Gem ++.png フレイムジェム++Flame Gem ++ Flame Gem++
Forest Gem.png フォレストジェムForest Gem Forest Gem Master Gem.png マスタージェムMaster Gem Master Gem
Forest Gem +.png フォレストジェム+Forest Gem + Forest Gem+ Master Gem +.png マスタージェム+Master Gem + Master Gem+
Forest Gem ++.png フォレストジェム++Forest Gem ++ Forest Gem++ Master Gem ++.png マスタージェム++Master Gem ++ Master Gem++

Attribute Enhancement Gems

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Life Gem.png ライフジェムLife Gem - Power Gem.png パワージェムPower Gem -
Protection Gem.png プロテクトジェムProtection Gem -

Awakening Items

Items used to increase a Magical Girl's rarity, strengthen her Magia, or advance her Spirit Enhancement.


Used to strengthen Magia and used in Spirit Enhancement

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Dark Book.png ダークブックDark Book Dark Book Light Book.png ライトブックLight Book Light Book
Dark Book +.png ダークブック+Dark Book + Dark Book+ Light Book +.png ライトブック+Light Book + Light Book+
Dark Book ++.png ダークブック++Dark Book ++ Dark Book++ Light Book ++.png ライトブック++Light Book ++ Light Book++
Aqua Book.png アクアブックAqua Book Aqua Book Flame Book.png フレイムブックFlame Book Flame Book
Aqua Book +.png アクアブック+Aqua Book + Aqua Book+ Flame Book +.png フレイムブック+Flame Book + Flame Book+
Aqua Book ++.png アクアブック++Aqua Book ++ Aqua Book++ Flame Book ++.png フレイムブック++Flame Book ++ Flame Book++
Forest Book.png フォレストブックForest Book Forest Book Clear Album.png クリア・アルバムClear Album -
Forest Book +.png フォレストブック+Forest Book + Forest Book+
Forest Book ++.png フォレストブック++Forest Book ++ Forest Book++


Used to increase a Magical Girl's rarity and stats, and used in Spirit Enhancement.

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Dark Orb.png ダークオーブDark Orb Dark Orb Light Orb.png ライトオーブLight Orb Light Orb
Dark Orb +.png ダークオーブ+Dark Orb + Dark Orb+ Light Orb +.png ライトオーブ+Light Orb + Light Orb+
Dark Orb ++.png ダークオーブ++Dark Orb ++ Dark Orb++ Light Orb ++.png ライトオーブ++Light Orb ++ Light Orb++
Aqua Orb.png アクアオーブAqua Orb Aqua Orb Flame Orb.png フレイムオーブFlame Orb Flame Orb
Aqua Orb +.png アクアオーブ+Aqua Orb + Aqua Orb+ Flame Orb +.png フレイムオーブ+Flame Orb + Flame Orb+
Aqua Orb ++.png アクアオーブ++Aqua Orb ++ Aqua Orb++ Flame Orb ++.png フレイムオーブ++Flame Orb ++ Flame Orb++
Forest Orb.png フォレストオーブForest Orb Forest Orb Rainbow Orb.png レインボーオーブRainbow Orb Rainbow Orb
Forest Orb +.png フォレストオーブ+Forest Orb + Forest Orb+
Forest Orb ++.png フォレストオーブ++Forest Orb ++ Forest Orb++

Normal Materials

General drop items used to improve Magical Girls. Materials usually drop from specific Enemies. The item's border indicates its rarity:

  • Bronze: common, usually drops from Minions and Familiars
  • Silver: uncommon, drops from higher-level or difficulty Minions/Familiars
  • Gold: rare, only drops from boss monsters such as Witches and Rumors.
Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Swallowtail Feather.png 燕尾の羽Feather of a Swallow's Tail Swallowtail Feather Mirrors Invitation.png 鏡の招待状Mirrors Invitation Letter Mirrors Invitation
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper.png 立ち耳の包装紙Standing Ear Wrapper Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper Sheep Warhorn.png 羊の角笛Blowing Horn Sheep Warhorn
Rooftop Key.png 屋上の鍵Rooftop Key Rooftop Key Pendulum Screw.png 振子のネジPendulum Screw Pendulum Screw
Nanny's Pedestal.png 子守の台座Nanny's Pedestal Babysitter's Pedestal Ikigami's Hairball.png イキガミの毛玉Ikigami's Hairball Saintly Fuzzball
Rubber Swim Ring.png ゴムの浮き輪Rubber Swim Ring Rubber Swim Tube Nomadistic Stake.png 流浪の杭Nomadistic Stake Vagrant's Stake
Sandbox Scallop.png 砂場の巻貝Sandbox Scallop Sandbox Shell Chain of Padlock.png 南京錠の鎖Chain of Padlock Padlock Chain
Ema's Mizuhiki.png 絵馬の水引Ema's Mizuhiki Plaque Cord Owl Bucket.png オウルのバケツOwl Bucket Owl Bucket
Mail Glider.png メールのグライダーMail Glider Mail Goats' Glider Staff Keyswitch.png スタッフのキースイッチStaff Keyswitch Staff's Key Switch
Mascot's Mane.png マスコットのタテガミMascot's Mane Mascot's Mane Bear's Ruff.png クマの襟巻Bear's Ruff Bear's Scarf
Sandbox Shovel.png 砂場のシャベルSandbox Shovel Sandbox Shovel Monument of the Stairs.png 階段のモニュメントMonument of the Stairs Staircase Monument
Machibito Horse's Wheel.png マチビト馬の車輪Machibito Horse's Wheel Commoner's Horse Wheel Rhyton Ribbon.png リュトンのリボンRhyton Ribbon Rhyton Ribbon
AI Code.png 人工知能のコードAI Code AI Code Curator's Hood.png キュレーターのフードCurator's Hood Curator's Hood
Big Ferris Turbine.png ビッグフェリスのタービンBig Ferris Turbine Ferris Wheel Turbine Speaker's Bell.png スピーカーのベルSpeaker's Bell Speaker Bell
Bear's Bolt.png クマのボルトBear's Bolt Bear's Bolt Standing Ear Cotton.png 立ち耳の綿Standing Ear Cotton Bunny Ear Cotton
Sheep Horn.png 羊の角Sheep Horn Sheep Horn Rooftop Balloons.png 屋上のバルーンRooftop Balloons Rooftop Balloon
Pendulum Bob.png 振子の重心Pendulum Bob Pendulum Bob Nanny's Grip.png 子守の取っ手Nanny's Grip Babysitter's Handle
Ikigami's Water Jug.png イキガミの水瓶Ikigami's Water Jug Saintly Water Jug Rubber Flag.png ゴムのフラッグRubber Flag -
Wanderer's Straw.png 流浪の藁Wanderer's Straw -

Limited Materials

These special materials are unqiue to certain Magical Girls and are normally only obtainable during Events.

Icon JP Name NA Name Used by
Umika's Awakening Book.png 海香の覚醒書Umika's Awakening Book Umika's Book of Awakening Misaki Umika.png Misaki Umika
Umika's Magic Book.png 海香の魔導書Umika's Magic Book Umika's Book of Magia
Melissa's Hair Ornament.png メリッサの髪飾りMelissa's Hair Ornament Melissa's Hair Clip Melissa de Vignolles.png Melissa de Vignolles
Melissa's Alchemy Potion.png メリッサの錬金薬Melissa's Alchemy Potion Melissa's Elixir
Tri-Colored Marbles.png 三色のビー玉Tri-Colored Marbles Tricolor Marble Mikuri Ayame.png Mikuri Ayame
Droplet Charm.png 雫のチャームDroplet Charm Water Charm Kumi Seika.png Kumi Seika
Arisa's Ribbon.png 亜理紗のリボンArisa's Ribbon Arisa's Ribbon Narumi Arisa.png Narumi Arisa
Arisa's Candy.png 亜理紗のキャンディArisa's Candy Arisa's Candy
Expansion Unit.png 拡張ユニットExpansion Unit Expansion Unit Yagami Hayate.png Yagami Hayate
Magic Tome Page.png 魔導書のページMagic Tome Page Tome Page
Monster's Horn.png 怪獣のツノMonster's Horn - Mihono Seira.png Mihono Seira
Rion-Colored Friend.png りおん色のお友だちRion-Colored Friend - Yuzuki Rion.png Yuzuki Rion
Rion-Colored House.png りおん色のおうちRion-Colored House -

Spirit Enhancement Items

Items required to unlock Spirit Enhancement nodes. These items are currently only available on the JP server.

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Fragment of Disgust.png 嫌悪の欠片Fragment of Disgust - Fragment of Wonder.png 驚嘆の欠片Fragment of Wonder -
Fragment of Disgust +.png 嫌悪の欠片+Fragment of Disgust+ - Fragment of Wonder +.png 驚嘆の欠片+Fragment of Wonder+ -
Fragment of Disgust ++.png 嫌悪の欠片++Fragment of Disgust++ - Fragment of Wonder ++.png 驚嘆の欠片++Fragment of Wonder++ -
Fragment of Grief.png 悲嘆の欠片Fragment of Grief - Fragment of Expectation.png 期待の欠片Fragment of Expectation -
Fragment of Grief +.png 悲嘆の欠片+Fragment of Grief+ - Fragment of Expectation +.png 期待の欠片+Fragment of Expectation+ -
Fragment of Grief ++.png 悲嘆の欠片++Fragment of Grief++ - Fragment of Expectation ++.png 期待の欠片++Fragment of Expectation++ -
Fragment of Rage.png 激怒の欠片Fragment of Rage - Fragment of Ecstasy.png 恍惚の欠片Fragment of Ecstasy -
Fragment of Rage +.png 激怒の欠片+Fragment of Rage+ - Fragment of Ecstasy +.png 恍惚の欠片+Fragment of Ecstasy+ -
Fragment of Rage ++.png 激怒の欠片++Fragment of Rage++ - Fragment of Ecstasy ++.png 恍惚の欠片++Fragment of Ecstasy++ -
Fragment of Fear.png 恐怖の欠片Fragment of Fear - Fragment of Respect.png 敬愛の欠片Fragment of Respect -
Fragment of Fear +.png 恐怖の欠片+Fragment of Fear+ - Fragment of Respect +.png 敬愛の欠片+Fragment of Respect+ -
Fragment of Fear ++.png 恐怖の欠片++Fragment of Fear++ - Fragment of Respect ++.png 敬愛の欠片++Fragment of Respect++ -
Vessel of Origin.png 原点の器Vessel of Origin -


Items that can be exchanged in the Shops. Most Events will also have their own unique currencies that expire a week after the event ends.


These currencies are tied to the player's account from the start of the game.

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Magia Stone.png マギアストーンMagia Stone Magia Stone CC.png カースチップCurse Chip Curse Chip (CC)
Mirrors Coin.png ミラーズコインMirrors Coin Mirrors Coin Magia Chip.png マギアチップMagia Chip Magia Chip
Support Point.png サポートPtSupport Pt Support Point Daily Coin.png デイリーコインDaily Coin Daily Coin
Destiny Bottle.png デスティニーボトルDestiny Bottle Destiny Bottle Destiny Crystal.png デスティニークリスタルDestiny Crystal Destiny Crystal
Mitama's Medal.png みたまの勲章Mitama's Medal -


These currencies are normally tied to Events. Like all other event currencies they normally expire a week after the event ends; as such even though they continue to re-appear, they cannot be stockpiled and must be used up by the time the event shop expires.

Icon JP Name NA Name Icon JP Name NA Name
Adjuster's Coin.png 調整屋コインAdjuster's Coin -