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Enemy 7104 l.png Joseph
Sheep Witch's Minion
whose role is shepherd
Type: Familiar
Witch/Rumor ID: 7104
Drop Item: Sheep Warhorn.png Blowing Horn
Draft: f4samurai, Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


These Familiars stroll leisurely about their Labyrinth. They regard themselves as shepherds of their most precious possession: their Witch. Normally they simply watch over her, but when they see a stray human in their Labyrinth, they signal each other using the horns that hang around their necks. Once they have gathered, their hunt begins. Since there are so many of them taking care of the meek Sheep Witch, they do not have much to do other than hunt humans. They have too much time on their hands, so they spend a lot of their days talking about the quality of this year's cheese.

These minions slowly stroll around the inside of the barrier.
They serve as the witch’s owners and think of her as their valuable property.
Aside from watching over the witch, they generally locate humans lost in the barrier, who they then hunt as a group by blowing signals to their far-off brethren with the horns hanging from their necks.
That being said, there are far more minions than are actually needed to shepherd one well-behaved witch,
so they have very little to do when there aren’t any humans around. In fact, they spend more time talking to each other about the quality of this year’s cheese than they do working as shepherds.

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