Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Chūō Ward, Kamihama City (中央区)
  • Age: 16 (High School 1st Year)
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weapon: Dagger
  • Ability: Transparency
  • Soul Gem Location: Left thigh

Side Story

Masara questions Awane Kokoro's actions, because she thinks that they don't bring merit to Kokoro. After Masara reminisces about her first encounter with Kokoro, she decides to go to the Adjuster's to be made stronger, because she wants to change her life. Kokoro and Masara encounter a witch. Kokoro is cornered, but Masara takes a hit for her. The witch escapes. Masara tells Kokoro that she wants to fight witches alone. Kokoro feels like she's at fault for Masara's injury, so she fights the witch alone instead. Masara questions Kokoro's actions, and they confess to each other that they don't want to see each other getting hurt.


  • Masara is incredibly unemotional, to the point of not knowing what it is to like something.
  • Kokoro was the first person Masara felt actual feelings of friendship towards, along with a fear to lose her.
  • Masara swims as a sort of habit or routine. She's been doing it since she was a child because her parents recommended it.
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