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Kamihama City (神浜市) is the main setting of Magia Record. It boasts a large population of Magical Girls, yet unusually also contains many strong Familiars and Witches. More recently, the city has been plagued by unsual Rumors, and the disappearance of Kyuubey.


Kamihama City Map.png


Shinsei (新西区)

The western-most ward of the city. Shinsei literally means "new west". The location of Nanami Yachiyo's home, Mikadzuki House, as well as Yakumo Mitama's "Adjuster's Shop".

Key locations:

  • Kamihama Municipal University
  • Kamihama Municipal University Affiliated School
  • Satomi Medical Center

Mizuna (水名区)

Located in the city's center-west. Characterized as the city's "old town", featuring temples, landmarks, and other older construction.

Key locations:

  • Mizuna Girl's School
  • Mizuna Shrine

Sankyō (参京区)

Located in the city's center-north.

Key Locations:

  • Sankyōin Educational School
  • Chinese restaurant Banbanzai

Chūō (中央区)

Located in the center of the city. Chūō literally means "center".

Key Locations:

  • Central School
  • Radio Tower

Sakae (栄区)

The city's shopping district, located in the south-west

Key Locations:

  • Sakae Comprehensive School
  • Sakae Shopping Street
  • The Memory Museum

Kōshō (工匠区)

Located in the city's center-east. Kōshō literally means "craftsman".

Key Locations:

  • Kōshō School

Daitō (大東区)

Located in the east of the city. Characterized as home to the city's lower-income residents.

Key Locations:

  • Daitō School
  • Daitō Apartment Complex

Minagi (南凪区)

The city's southernmost ward.

Key Locations:

  • Minagi Freedom School

Hokuyō (北養区)

The city's northernmost ward. Characterized as home to the city's upper class and wealthier residents.

Key Locations:

  • Saint Liliana Academy
  • Hotel Fenthope
  • Walnuts