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Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Mitakihara City (見滝原市)
  • School Year: Middle School 2nd Year
  • Height: 152 cm
  • Weapon: Bow and Arrow
  • Ability: unknown
  • Soul Gem Location: Below her neck

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Gameplay Analysis


  • Amazing Connect that restores both HP and MP
  • Accele Draw personal Memoria
  • Balanced disc set allows for her to flexibly support Accele and Blast teams
  • Respectable Defense and HP combination, especially with SE
  • Usable SE Active skill, particularly against Boss opponents


  • Low attack, even when fully enhanced
  • Personal Memoria can be difficult to get fully ascended, and do not give the same stat bonuses as fully-ascended 4✵ cards. Additionally, the AI will not use draw-type skills in Auto-battle mode.

Despite being one of the first characters released, Madoka remains one of the strongest support characters for PVE gameplay. Most importantly is the combination of her Connect, Magia and personal Memoria which allow her to rapidly boost the MP guages of her team. Her decent defense and HP give her survivability, especially when combined with defensive Memoria, which in turn allows her to keep the team alive longer. In essence, Madoka powers a boss-killing Magia team.

Use of Taunt/Guardian Memoria such as Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style and The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex can help Madoka keep her team alive, while increasing MP gain as two characters would gain MP from enemy attacks.

Madoka is let down by her relatively low attack power, but this weakness is offset by her ability to rapidly generate Magia. In fact, in many circumstances it may be better to Magia repeatedly with Madoka, rather than waiting to use her Doppel, due to the increased MP gain.

Some of this weakness can also be offset with Memoria with multiple attack bonuses, such as Overly Fair Taste or Iroha of the Midsummer Beach.

The introduction of Spirit Enhancement on the JP server further cements Madoka's role as a boss-killing support, improving her survivability with Defense Up and Regenerate HP. Her SE Active is not the most impactful, but will help against more difficult Boss opponents that routinely use Debuff effects.


  • Strong Connect that restores both HP and MP
  • Balanced disc set allows for her to flexibly support Accele and Blast teams
  • Respectable Defense and HP combination, especially with SE, means she is less likely to be attacked first by Mirrors AI


  • Low attack, even when fully enhanced
  • A number of high attack Dark-attribute characters signficantly reduces Madoka's ability to support her team
  • Better Light-attribute characters exist

Madoka is not as popular in Mirrors as other Light-attribute characters (notably, her Ultimate self), but can still makes a surprise appearance. Her strong Heal can keep a defensive team alive, while her MP Restore combined with the MP gain multiplier can allow a team to very quickly unleash a Magia, which can often be devastating in Mirrors. This is particularly crucial after Ranking Arc 2, where Magia/Doppel use is added as a points multiplier.

One interesting aspect of Madoka to take advantage of is her defense - as the Mirrors AI attacks opponents by lowest defense first, Madoka can easily be built to outlast her team and then strike hard against already weakened opponenets. Even with her low attack, when equipped with sufficiently strong Attack Up Memoria she can still launch powerful attacks, particularly against Dark-attribute opponents. Consider cards such as The Sword Which Strikes in the Space Between Light and Dark to maximise this surprise strike ability.

Indeed, Madoka's biggest weakness in Mirrors is that there are simply better Light-Attribute characters.


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