Max Stat Bonuses

HP ATK DEF Accele Blast Charge
4★ +5% +8% +4% +4% +6% +6%
5★ +6% +9% +5% +5% +7% +7%


Attack Up [JP] 称賛は、チームのみんなで
Attack Up VII / 35%IX / 40%
Charged Attack Damage Up VI / 22.5%VIII / 27.5%
Chance to Critical Hit IV / 45%VI / 55%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Magia One [JP] ランナーズ・ダイ
★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Attribute Strengthened Damage One Enemy V / 540%VII / 580% 10%
Chance to Stun Target / 1 Turn / 100%Target / 1 Turn / 100% -
Charged Attack Damage Up Allies / 3 Turns / 20%Allies / 3 Turns / 25% 2.5%


Kanbaru Suruga doppel
Doppel of Violence
Monkey's Paw Shaped
Doppel Effects
Attribute Strengthened Damage One Enemy [IX / 1452%] & Chance to Stun (Target / 1 Turn / 100%) & Charged Attack Damage Up (Allies / 3 Turns / 40%)
Draft & Supervision: Gekidan INU CURRY (Doroinu)


In contrast to her good-natured disposition, the master of this emotion keeps pitch-black feelings deep in the bottom of her heart.
The negative emotions hidden behind its master’s openly-expressed desires are taken into account by this Doppel, and it attempts to grant those wishes through violent means.
This Doppel emerges by way of its master’s soul temporarily yielding to her subconscious negativity; however, it is constantly attempting to catch her off guard in order to take control of her mind and body permanently.
Should its master ever grow weary of this competition and be defeated by her negative emotions, she will most likely be reduced to one single devil, forever unable to return to human form.

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