Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Hokuyō Ward, Kamihama City (北養区)
  • Age: 14 (Middle School 2nd Year)
  • Height: 154 cm
  • Weapon: Frying Pan
  • Ability: Propagation (Advertising ability. Spreads the aftermath damage of attacks to the surroundings)
  • Soul Gem Location: Chef's hat brim

Side Story

Manaka is disappointed because no customers come to her restaurant "Walnuts". She is approached by Kyubey, but refuses the contract offer at first because of her pride. Even though she doesn't get admitted in the school she wants, Manaka still wants to advertise her family's work. She finally signs a contract with Kyubey and wishes for a chance to spread the word about her restaurant. Manaka gets the chance to work as a chef at the student council assembly and manages to sell bento boxes successfully, but still no customers visit the restaurant. When she is about to give up on cooking, she meets Futaba Sana, who comes to buy her bento. Sana convinces Manaka to keep cooking by claiming that she doesn't have any reasons to look forward to the lunch break except for Manaka's bento.


  • Manaka has a brief appearance in Episode 4 of the TV Anime.


Kurumi Manaka Transform

Kurumi Manaka Transform


Kurumi Manaka Magia Video

Kurumi Manaka Magia Video

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