MP Damage.png

  • JP: MPダメージ
  • NA: MP damage
  • Category: Status Ailment
  • Effect: Reduces the target's MP gauge by the amount shown.

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Corbeau.png Corbeau I / 30 MP (Target)
Misaki Umika.png Misaki Umika I / 30 MP (One)
Misono Karin.png Misono Karin I / 30 MP (One)
Magical Girl Effect
Hanekawa Tsubasa.png Hanekawa Tsubasa All Enemies / 35 MP
Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.).png Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.) All Enemies / 70 MP
Lapine.png Lapine All Enemies / 30 MP
Oshino Shinobu.png Oshino Shinobu Hit Enemies / 40 MP
Sengoku Nadeko.png Sengoku Nadeko Target / 100 MP
Tamaki Ui.png Tamaki Ui All Enemies / 35 MP
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1315 s.png A Freedom for Just Me I / 30 MP (One)
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