MP Gain Down
  • JP: MP獲得量DOWN
  • NA: Not yet implemented
  • Category: Debuff
  • Effect:: Decreases the target's MP gain when using Charge or Accele disc, and when attacked. The amount of MP gained is decreased by the % shown.

Magical Girl Effect
Magical Girl Effect
Felicia-ChanFelicia-chan Felicia-chan Target / 3 Turns / 30%
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1338 sFuture Planning SurveyFuture Planning Survey Future Planning Survey IX / 50%
Memoria 1373 sThe Formed DarknessThe Formed Darkness The Formed Darkness VIII / 45%
Memoria 1346 sThe One Who WaitsThe One Who Waits The One Who Waits IV / 25%
Memoria 1317 sWhat Flavor is Break Time (Touka)What Flavor is Break Time (Touka) What Flavor is Break Time (Touka) IX / 50%
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