MP Increase
  • JP: 自分のMPが溜まった状態でバトル開始
  • NA: Start Battle with % of Magia Gauge Filled
  • Category: Granted Effect
  • Effect: Start the battle with a percentage of the user's MP gauge already filled up.

Magical Girl Effect
Spirit Enhancement
Magical Girl Effect
Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.) Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.) 15% full
Amane Tsukasa Amane Tsukasa 15% full
Amane Tsukuyo Amane Tsukuyo 15% full
Anna Meru Anna Meru 15% full
Elisa Celjska Elisa Celjska 15% full
Fumino Sayuki Fumino Sayuki 15% full
Haruna Konomi Haruna Konomi 15% full
Madoka-senpai Madoka-senpai 15% full
Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.) Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.) 15% full
Minami Rena Minami Rena 15% full
Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.) Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.) 15% full
Natsume Kako Natsume Kako 15% full
Sawa Sudachi Sawa Sudachi 25% full
Yuzuki Hotori Yuzuki Hotori 15% full
Magical Girl Effect
Memoria Effect
Memoria 1198 s Evidence of Darkness 15% full
Memoria 1152 s The Story That Starts Here 10% full
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