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Event duration: 28th February 2019 16:00 PM JST - 5th March 2019 14:59 PM JST

Magical Girls with rate-up in this pickup: Any unlimited or Madogatari 4★ girl of choice (can be changed at any time)

Memoria with rate-up in this pickup: A Universe-Colliding Dream Collaboration, Big-League Middle Schooler, Getting Lost is a Daily Insurance, Overly Fair Taste, I Won't Forgive You If You Open It, The Bicycle Is My Weak Point, A Strange Little Blonde Girl

Available cards in this gacha: Every non- limited Magical girl and every non- personal, non- limited Memoria.

After this event, the personal Memoria Lethal Weapons Known as Stationery, Hobby, Cap Collection, A Snail at Home, A Class Representative Chosen By God, Main Weapon: Accelerator, and Treasure Trove of Treats will be removed from the Normal Gacha shop.

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