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Event Duration:

Event duration: 25th September 2018 17:00 JST - 9th October 2018 14:59 JST


During this period, separate from regular login bonus, when you log in you will receive the following items every day:

Magia Stone
3x Monogaticket 10x Magia Stone

Three daily missions have been added for the duration of the event.

ミラーズで1回バトル Battle in Mirrors 1 time 1x Monogaticket
ミラーズで3回バトル Battle in Mirrors 3 times 2x Monogaticket
ミラーズで5回バトル Battle in Mirrors 5 times 3x Monogaticket

Monogatickets can also be obtained by running quests. The amount of tickets gained per quest depends on the ap cost of the quest (1 to 10 tickets), with higher ap costs giving more tickets on average and having a larger variance in the amount dropped.

Monogatickets can be spent in the Campaign Box. This is a special gacha type that dispenses Senjougahara Hitagi and Let Us, Have a War as well as CC and a variety of items. There are three total boxes, each with 100 items. Once the box runs out(or once the main reward has been recieved) you are free to move on to the next box.

Note that only Monogatickets can be spent in the box, not Magia Stones.

Box Contents

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Senjougahara Hitagi 1 AP Potion 2
BP Potion 3 Rainbow Orb1
Magia Chip5 300000 x CC1
100000 x CC6 10000 x CC10
Master Gem ++5 Dark Orb3
Dark Orb +7 Dark Orb ++4
Rooftop Key13 Nanny's Pedestal7
Owl Bucket3 Staff Keyswitch5
AI Code1 Curator's Hood3
Sheep Horn3 Dark Book4
Dark Book +8 Dark Book ++4

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Memoria 1259 s 5 AP Potion 50 3
Rainbow Orb1 Magia Chip5
300000 x CC1 100000 x CC6
10000 x CC10 Master Gem ++5
Swallowtail Feather3 Mirrors Invitation3
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper3 Sheep Warhorn5
Rooftop Key3 Pendulum Screw3
Nanny's Pedestal3 Ikigami's Hairball5
Rubber Swim Ring3 Sandbox Shell2
Padlock Chain2 Plaque Cord2
Owl Bucket2 Mail Glider2
Staff Keyswitch2 Mascot's Mane2
Sandbox Shovel1 Staircase Monument1
Commoner's Horse Wheel1 Rhyton Ribbon1
AI Code1 Curator's Hood1
Big Ferris Turbine1 Speaker's Bell2
Bunny Ear Cotton1 Sheep Horn1
Rooftop Balloon1 Pendulum Bob1
Nanny's Grip1 Ikigami's Water Jug2

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Memoria 1147 s 1 100000 x CC1
10000 x CC40 Master Gem10
Master Gem +10 Flame Orb2
Aqua Orb2 Forest Orb2
Light Orb2 Dark Orb2
Swallowtail Feather2 Mirrors Invitation2
Bunny Ear Wrapping Paper2 Sheep Warhorn2
Rooftop Key2 Pendulum Screw2
Nanny's Pedestal2 Ikigami's Hairball2
Rubber Swim Ring2 Flame Book2
Aqua Book2 Forest Book2
Light Book2 Dark Book2

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