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Event Duration

JP (マギレコミラクルクイズ)

  • 17th August 2020 17:00 JST - 7th September 2020 14:59 JST

Event Guide


How to Play

1. During the event period, the Miracle Quiz can be played an unlimited number of times by clicking the banner on the Home Screen.

2. The quiz comes in 3 difficulties. Players can receive a one-time reward for clearing each quiz.

3. Select a quiz to start. Each quiz consists of 10 randomly selected questions from the difficulty set.

4. At the end of the quiz players will automatically receive any awards achieved. From the results page, players can post their times to Twitter, return to the difficulty screen (クイズトップへ), or restart the quiz (再挑戦).

Note that each reward is only given once per quiz.

Release Schedule

Release Date Level Reward for Clearing Reward for Perfect Score
8/17 17:00 Easy 「初級」
Magia Stone.png
3rd Anniversary Medal.png
8/24 15:00 Intermediate 「中級」
Magia Stone.png
3rd Anniversary Medal.png
8/31 17:00 Advanced「上級」
Magia Stone.png
3rd Anniversary Medal.png


Each quiz uses 10 randomly selected questions from the quiz set. The correct answer for each question is highlighted in bold.

Easy Quiz Intermediate Quiz Advanced Quiz


There are no separate Missions for this event.

Event Shop

There is no Shop for this event. The special currency 3rd Anniversary Medals can be spent in the Lets go to Zen Shin Sai! ~Our Small Break Time~ Event Shop.

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