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Welcome & Spoiler Warning

This Wiki focuses mainly on the game's JP server, with archives from the former NA server.

Be warned: there will be spoilers in these pages!

Looking for info for one of the Chinese-language servers? Visit our friends at the MagiReco Chinese Wiki!

This wiki is a community project - if there's something you'd like to see added or changed, feel free to contribute. Alternatively, discuss it with us on the Discord.

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IMPORTANT - Upcoming Version Update (JP)

Version 2.3.9 is scheduled for release on 7/30.

This will be a large update requiring a download of approximately 1GB of data. It's recommended that this update should be done over a stable Wi-Fi connection, not mobile data.

As compensation, all active players who have logged in at least once since 4/21/21 and cleared Main Story Arc 1, Chapter 1, Episode 2, Battle 2 will receive 2 Gacha Tickets after maintenance.

Players should also be aware that from 8/1, the 32-bit version of the game will no longer be available. Players will need a 64-bit device to continue playing the game.

It is recommended players take action now to ensure they can continue playing the game after this date, by checking they have a suitable device/game version, setting a recovery password, and transferring accounts to suitable devices if needed.

For players who do not have a 64-bit device, guides on alternate methods such as emulators are available on the Discord.

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UPDATED - Season 2 Starts 7/31

The 2nd season of the TV Anime will begin airing at 7/31 00:00 JST. The new series features a new OP by ClariS titled Careless and a new ED by TrySail titled Lapis.

For viewers outside Japan, the anime will be aired on Funimation from 7/31, and on Crunchyroll, and HDDive from 8/7 09:30 AM PDT.

In the buildup to this, starting 07/03 all episodes of Season 1 will be re-aired in Japan and will be available again on streaming services.

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Anime 2nd Season Release Campaign

To celebrate the new anime season, starting 07/03 00:00 JST for 12 weeks, players get a free 10-spin on the Rare Gacha every Saturday AND Sunday (2 per weekend for a total of 240 spins). Spins MUST be redeemed on the day or are otherwise lost.

Additionally, during this time every spin of the Rare Gacha will also provide Adjuster's Coins, similar to an event gacha. Note that the coin shop for this event will feature Magical Girls who appear in the anime, meaning that as more girls appear in new episodes they will be added to the shop. This shop includes both Unlimited and Limited Magical Girls.

Featured Content

Magical Girls Memoria

Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.).png Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.)
Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.).png Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.)

Memoria 1367 s.png Dive into Summer (Tsukuyo/Tsukasa)
Memoria 1368 s.png Dive into Summer (Alina/Mifuyu)
Memoria 1369 s.png Dive into Summer (Touka/Nemu)
Memoria 1381 s.png Now, We Treasure Hunt!
Memoria 1382 s.png Beach House Fun


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Current Events

Story Release
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Another Story Release Arc 2 Ch. 6
Available Pickup Gachas
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The Ephemeral Summer Night Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at August 10 2021 14:59 +0900)
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SamaTore! Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at August 10 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Guaranteed 4★ Swimsuit Magical Girl Gacha
(This event will end at August 10 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Anime 2nd Season Login Bonus
(This event will end at August 1 2021 23:59 +0900)
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Summer Missions
(This event will end at August 6 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Anime 2nd Season Release Campaign
(This event will end at September 19 2021 23:59 +0900)


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