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Dates & Times

Dates should be written in the format DD MONTH YEAR TIME. All dates and times regarding Japan server should be in JST; all regarding North American server should be in PST/PDT.

Japanese - English Conventions

Machine translations such as Google Translate should NEVER be used.

Japanese name order should always be used, putting the last name first (i.e. Tamaki Iroha or Kaname Madoka). The exception to this is in the case of already-English names, which may be written as normal (i.e. Alina Gray).

Romanizing Japanese follows the Revised Hepburn conventions, except long vowels are spelled out instead of given a macron.

English Spelling & Grammar

American English spellings are preferred. (Note that currently spelling is all over the place; we are working to change this.)

Some examples of possible relevant words:

Word Preferred Spelling
Defense / Defence Defense
Disc / Disk (both spellings used in-game as of now) Disc

Lists of more than two items should have commas. Oxford commas should always be used.

Titles should be title cased. A helpful tool to properly case is here.


The plurals of Magia and Memoria are respectively Magiae and Memoriae.

Divisions of the story should be labeled as follows: Chapter / Section / Battle.

If a specific battle needs to be mentioned, the conventions are TABCHAPTER-SECTION-BATTLE.(i.e. M1-2-2 or A5-2-3)

Abbreviations for the story tabs are as such:

  • Main Story = M
  • Main Story [Challenge] = C
  • Another Story = A
  • Character Story = MSS[Character]
  • Costume Story = MCS[Character]-Costume
  • Daily dungeons can be denoted with the 2-letter day code, A/S for awakening/strengthening respectively, then the AP cost (i.e. FR-A-30 or MO-S-25).
  • Day codes are MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, and SS (used for both weekend days).
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