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This Wiki focuses mainly on the game's JP server, with archives from the former NA server.

Be warned: there will be spoilers in these pages!

Looking for info for one of the Chinese-language servers? Visit our friends at the MagiReco Chinese Wiki!

This wiki is a community project - if there's something you'd like to see added or changed, feel free to contribute. Alternatively, discuss it with us on the Discord.

TW Server End-of-Service Announced

The end-of-service for the Traditional Chinese-language server has officially been announced. The game will close in TW on December 24th, 2021 at 12:00.

This wiki will continue to support the JP server after this date. Additionally, the simplified Chinese (CN) server will continue to operate.

TW-server accounts will not be migrated to other servers, however players wishing to start new on JP can refer to the Installation guide either here or on Reddit. Players wishing to start new on CN can refer to the official Magia Record (CN) website.

Featured Content

Magical Girls Memoria

Yukari Miyuri.png Yukari Miyuri
Utsuho Natsuki.png Utsuho Natsuki

Memoria 1695 s.png Forever Cutting Through the Wind
Memoria 1696 s.png I Love It So Much That I Can Fly
Memoria 1697 s.png For Just a Moment, Dancing in the Moonlight
Memoria 1698 s.png I Just Said I Like Feet
Memoria 1699 s.png Those Feet of Yours Are the Best in the World!


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Current Events

Story Release
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Main Story Release Arc 2 Ch. 8
Available Pickup Gachas
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Yukari Miyuri Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at November 29 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Yukari Miyuri's Current Training!
(This event will end at November 29 2021 14:59 +0900)


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