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Magia Report Volume 4 Released

The 4th printed volume of Magia Report was released in Japan on 4/5.

This volume continues with Season 2 comics as well as originally strips and illustrations by PAPA.

Players who purchase the book, either in print or in e-format, can redeem the serial code in the Settings Menu for the Madoka-senpai costume "Idol"

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Compensation for Incorrect Rewards

The completion award for clearing Story Battle 10 of Kamihama Armageddon is different than what is shown in the event schedule:

As compensation, players who clear Story Battle 10 by the end of the event (4/14 14:59 JST) will receive 2 AP Potions in their Present Box after the event.

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From 4/1 00:00 JST until 4/14 14:59 JST, the mini-game Magical Paper Sumo will be available. Unlike previous events, this game can be accessed directly from within the main game, via the Mirrors menu (on 4/1 only) or the banner on the home screen (from 4/2 onwards).

A limited-time website is also available, where players can download a papercraft set to create their own Magical Paper Sumo set.

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New Support Pack Added

From 3/26, the following bundle has been added to the repeating Paid Magia Stone Shop:

Contents Quantity Cost
1 x Over Limiter - Core
10 x Memoria Circuit - Core
1 x Vessel of Origin
1 x Spirit Enhancement Fragment Set
2 per month
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Monthly Shops Reset

Players are reminded that all quantities for all repeating Shop items reset at midnight on 4/1.

Note that, on shop reset, the following has been added to the reocurring Free Magia Stone Shop:

Contents Quantity Cost
Vessel of Origin.png 1
Magia Stone.png

Featured Content

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Memoria 1613 s.png Ultimate VS Supreme
Memoria 1614 s.png Handmade Ultimate Dress


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Another Story Release Arc 2 Ch. 4
Available Pickup Gachas
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Kamihama Armageddon Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at April 14 2021 14:59 +0900)
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KamiFest: Kamihama Idol Festival 2020 Pickup Gacha
(This event will end at April 14 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Kamihama Rarity Star Pickup Gacha
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Magia Report Paid Limited Gacha
(This event will end at April 14 2021 14:59 +0900)
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Kamihama Armageddon
(This event will end at April 14 2021 14:59 +0900)


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