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Magia Stone is one of the main currencies.

How to Obtain

How to Purchase

Magia Stones can be purchased for real money by clicking on the + icon next to your Magia Stone count. Payment is through Google Play or Apple Pay. Note that payment methods may be restricted based on your region. Please remember to buy responsibly!

The game distinguishes between Purchased Magia Stones (bought with money) and Free Magia Stones (acquired through playing the game or as a bonus amount on purchases); some features can only be accessed with Purchased Stones.


Magia Stones are needed for the Gacha in order to obtain Magical Girls

5 Magia Stones can also be used to fill the AP guage when empty. Additionally, if a player's team is defeated during a Quest, 5 Magia Stones can be used to revive the entire team and reactivate Memoria skills.

In the Magia Stone Shop, stones can be exchanged for bundles containing AP Potions, BP Potions, and Gacha Tickets. Note: it's recommended to buy the Gacha ticket packs, available once a month as these are cheaper than using the stones directly on the Gacha

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