Magical girls earns episode experience when they fight in stories. The amount of episode exp gained is multiplied by 1.5x the girl is leader, and by 2x in her own personal story; there are also memorias that can multiply it further (they stack additively to each other). Leveling up to level 2 and 3 unlocks a new chapter of the girls personal story, leveling up to level 4 and level 5 gives 5 magia stones Magia Stone. Episode level also increases maximum magia rank of the girl. Magia may have a rank equal or lower than the girls episode level.

Episode Experience table

Level Experience to next level Accumulated exp to level
1 1000 0
2 3 000 1 000
3 10 000 4 000
4 50 000 14 000
5 64 000
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