Magical girl level experience chart

Magical Girls earn experience when they fight in stories, or if they are strengthened with gems. Leveling up is the major source of increased power.

The experience curve is the same across different rarity, but higher rarity allows higher maximum level. The curve is quadratic after level 8, since the experience to the next level is increased by 100 per level. As a side note, the experience needed to upgrade from level 80 to 100 is about 58% of that from level 1 to 80.

The experience table is shown as the last section of the page.

Strengthening with gems

Strengthening with gems is the fastest approach to level up your magical girls. If you feed a girl with the gem of her element or with a rainbow gem, she receives 50% more experience. There are 3 tiers of gems, and the amount of experience they give and their CC cost is listed as below:

Gem type Exp 1x Exp 1.5x CC Cost
Gem 100 150 125 + 15 * (current magical girl level - 1)
Gem + 500 750 250 + 10 * (current magical girl level - 1)
Gem ++ 2500 3750 400 + 3 * (current magical girl level - 1)

Strengthening is usually successful. It is occasionally super successful, which gives 50% more experience, or more rarely, ultra successful, which gives 100% more. The chances of these bonuses occurring is not currently known, although testing indicates possible chances of 10% and 5% respectively.

Experience table

Level Experience to next level Accumulated exp to level

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