Magical Girl List JP

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- Quick list is sorted by maximum rank, then minimum rank, then release date, then alphabetical order

AttributeIcon Light.pngLight AttributeIcon Dark.pngDark AttributeIcon Aqua.pngAqua AttributeIcon Flame.pngFlame AttributeIcon Forest.pngForest AttributeIcon Void.pngVoid
Satomi Nayuta.png
Satomi Nayuta
Rumor Sana.png
Rumor Sana
Kirino Sae.png
Kirino Sae
Konoha & Hazuki.png
Konoha & Hazuki
Sawa Sudachi.png
Sawa Sudachi
Ultimate Madoka-senpai.png
Ultimate Madoka-senpai
Isabeau (Witch ver.).png
Isabeau (Witch ver.)
Yachiyo & Mifuyu (Origin ver.).png
Yachiyo & Mifuyu (Origin ver.)
Mikoto Tsubaki.png
Mikoto Tsubaki
Kurusu Alexandra.png
Kurusu Alexandra
Sasame Yozuru.png
Sasame Yozuru
Miwa Mitsune.png
Miwa Mitsune
Ashley Taylor.png
Ashley Taylor
Kazari Jun.png
Kazari Jun
Ooba Juri.png
Ooba Juri
Tomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.).png
Tomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.)
Livia Medeiros.png
Livia Medeiros
Iroha & Ui (Miko ver.).png
Iroha & Ui (Miko ver.)
Touka & Nemu (Holy Night ver.).png
Touka & Nemu (Holy Night ver.)
Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.).png
Rena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.)
Tsuruno & Felicia (Delivery ver.).png
Tsuruno & Felicia (Delivery ver.)
Kaharu Yuuna.png
Kaharu Yuuna
Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.).png
Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.)
Togame Momoko (Sister ver.).png
Togame Momoko (Sister ver.)
Yakumo Mikage.png
Yakumo Mikage
Kasane Ao.png
Kasane Ao
Tokime Shizuka.png
Tokime Shizuka
Wakana Tsumugi.png
Wakana Tsumugi
Yakumo Mitama.png
Yakumo Mitama
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.).png
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.)
Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.).png
Izumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.)
Rena-chan (Idol ver.).png
Rena-chan (Idol ver.)
Azumi Hagumu.png
Azumi Hagumu
Miyabi Shigure.png
Miyabi Shigure
Tart (Final ver.).png
Tart (Final ver.)
Little Kyubey.png
Little Kyubey
Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.).png
Miki Sayaka (Haregi ver.)
Natsu Ryouko.png
Natsu Ryouko
Hinata Matsuri.png
Hinata Matsuri
Kirari Hikaru.png
Kirari Hikaru
Mizuki Rui.png
Mizuki Rui
Toki Sunao.png
Toki Sunao
Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.).png
Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.)
Hiroe Chiharu.png
Hiroe Chiharu
Nanase Yukika.png
Nanase Yukika
Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.).png
Momoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.)
Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.).png
Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.)
Elisa Celjska.png
Elisa Celjska
Hiiragi Nemu.png
Hiiragi Nemu
Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.).png
Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.)
Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.).png
Rika & Ren (Christmas ver.)
Hachikuji Mayoi.png
Hachikuji Mayoi
Takamachi Nanoha.png
Takamachi Nanoha
Holy Alina.png
Holy Alina
Fate T. Harlaown.png
Fate T. Harlaown
Komachi Mikura.png
Komachi Mikura
Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.).png
Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.)
Satomi Touka.png
Satomi Touka
Sengoku Nadeko.png
Sengoku Nadeko
Fumino Sayuki.png
Fumino Sayuki
Sarasa Hanna.png
Sarasa Hanna
Kozue Mayu.png
Kozue Mayu
Kanbaru Suruga.png
Kanbaru Suruga
Aino Mito.png
Aino Mito
Tamaki Ui.png
Tamaki Ui
Miki Sayaka.png
Miki Sayaka
Hanekawa Tsubasa.png
Hanekawa Tsubasa
Alina Gray.png
Alina Gray
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura.png
Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura
Akemi Homura.png
Akemi Homura
Shizumi Konoha.png
Shizumi Konoha
Amano Suzune.png
Amano Suzune
Holy Mami.png
Holy Mami
Oshino Shinobu.png
Oshino Shinobu
Makino Ikumi.png
Makino Ikumi
Minami Rena.png
Minami Rena
Mao Himika.png
Mao Himika
Tomoe Mami.png
Tomoe Mami
Chiaki Riko.png
Chiaki Riko
Momoe Nagisa.png
Momoe Nagisa
Shion Chisato.png
Shion Chisato
Misono Karin.png
Misono Karin
Yagami Hayate.png
Yagami Hayate
Ultimate Madoka.png
Ultimate Madoka
Azusa Mifuyu.png
Azusa Mifuyu
Melissa de Vignolles.png
Melissa de Vignolles
Sakura Kyouko.png
Sakura Kyouko
Anna Meru.png
Anna Meru
Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.).png
Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.)
Yukino Kanae.png
Yukino Kanae
Misaki Umika.png
Misaki Umika
Togame Momoko.png
Togame Momoko
Akino Kaede.png
Akino Kaede
Izumi Kanagi.png
Izumi Kanagi
Riz Hawkwood.png
Riz Hawkwood
Chun Meiyui.png
Chun Meiyui
Futaba Sana.png
Futaba Sana
Amane Tsukuyo.png
Amane Tsukuyo
Tatsuki Asuka.png
Tatsuki Asuka
Rumor Tsuruno.png
Rumor Tsuruno
Miyako Hinano.png
Miyako Hinano
Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.).png
Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.)
Tokiwa Nanaka.png
Tokiwa Nanaka
Mikuri Ayame.png
Mikuri Ayame
Natsume Kako.png
Natsume Kako
Awane Kokoro.png
Awane Kokoro
Isuzu Ren.png
Isuzu Ren
Nanami Yachiyo.png
Nanami Yachiyo
Kurumi Manaka.png
Kurumi Manaka
Aoba Chika.png
Aoba Chika
Kaname Madoka.png
Kaname Madoka
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.).png
Akemi Homura (Megane ver.)
Yuki Maria.png
Yuki Maria
Yui Tsuruno.png
Yui Tsuruno
Megumi Moka.png
Megumi Moka
Kanade Haruka.png
Kanade Haruka
Kure Kirika.png
Kure Kirika
Kira Temari.png
Kira Temari
Hibiki Meguru.png
Hibiki Meguru
Chitose Yuma.png
Chitose Yuma
Kumi Seika.png
Kumi Seika
Chizu Ranka.png
Chizu Ranka
Suzuka Sakuya.png
Suzuka Sakuya
Amane Tsukasa.png
Amane Tsukasa
Shinobu Akira.png
Shinobu Akira
Mihono Seira.png
Mihono Seira
Haruna Konomi.png
Haruna Konomi
Yusa Hazuki.png
Yusa Hazuki
Senjougahara Hitagi.png
Senjougahara Hitagi
Utsuho Natsuki.png
Utsuho Natsuki
Midori Ryou.png
Midori Ryou
Mikuni Oriko.png
Mikuni Oriko
Narumi Arisa.png
Narumi Arisa
Ibuki Reira.png
Ibuki Reira
Hozumi Shizuku.png
Hozumi Shizuku
Mitsuki Felicia.png
Mitsuki Felicia
Maki Kaoru.png
Maki Kaoru
Tamaki Iroha.png
Tamaki Iroha
Kisaki Emiri.png
Kisaki Emiri
Eri Aimi.png
Eri Aimi
Yuzuki Hotori.png
Yuzuki Hotori
Yuzuki Rion.png
Yuzuki Rion
Ayano Rika.png
Ayano Rika
Kagami Masara.png
Kagami Masara
Ami Ria.png
Ami Ria
Minagi Sasara.png
Minagi Sasara
Mariko Ayaka.png
Mariko Ayaka
Yayoi Kanoko.png
Yayoi Kanoko

Unobtainable Magical Girls

Note: Due to the many possible variations involved in translating Japanese Kanji, the translated names of unobtainable Magical Girls are classed as unconfirmed and may change when more information about the character becomes available.

Not yet released
Satori Kagome.png
Satori Kagome
Kureha Yuna.png
Kureha Yuna
Aika Himena.png
Aika Himena
Kagura San.png
Kagura San
Yukari Miyuri.png
Yukari Miyuri
Himuro Rabi.png
Himuro Rabi
Miura Asahi.png
Miura Asahi
Yui Urara.png
Yume Urara
Iremei Kushu.png
Iremei Kushu
Pernelle Flamel.png
Pernelle Flamel
Hinata Kagari.png
Hinata Kagari
Unplayable opponents
Holy Alina (Final Form).png
Holy Alina (Final Form)
Black Feather Minion.png
Black Feather Minion
White Feather Minion.png
White Feather Minion
Neo-Magius (Black Feather).png
Neo-Magius (Black Feather)
Neo-Magius (White Feather).png
Neo-Magius (White Feather)
Futatsugi City Magical Girl.png
Futatsugi City Magical Girl
Futatsugi City Magical Girl (Executive).png
Futatsugi City Magical Girl (Executive)
Tokime Clan Magical Girl.png
Tokime Clan Magical Girl
Tokime Clan Magical Girl (Executive).png
Tokime Clan Magical Girl (Executive)
Magical Girl (Enemy).png
Magical Girl (Enemy)
Magical Girl (Executive).png
Magical Girl (Executive)
Named background characters
Yumeno Yusa.png
Yumeno Yuusa (Yuu)
Yuuki Yumi.png
Yuuki Yumi
Itsumi Inui.png
Itsumi Inui
Sena Mikoto.png
Sena Mikoto

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