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Magical Girls are your main combat units; you use them to build your team and fight opponents. You obtain new Magical Girls through the Gacha and some Events.

The Magical Girl Menu allows you to view and upgrade your Magical Girls.


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Return to the Home ScreenShow/hide the Main MenuSet this girl on your Home Screen.View this girl's Info CardToggle this girl's pose.This girl's basic statsThe number of Memoria slots you have unlocked (blue) and remaining available slots to unlock (black)Your current Episode level (black) and Magia level (red)Strengthening - increase this girl's levelMagia Strengthening - increase this girl's Magia levelMagic Release - increase this girl's Memoria slotsAwakening - improve this girl's stats and rarityChange sortingApply filtersYour Magical Girls sorted by the current sort criteriaTutorial Magical Menu.png
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You can sort your Magical Girls by the following criteria, ascending or descending:

  • Level
  • Rarity
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • HP
  • Episode Level
  • Additional Memoria slots available
  • Magia Level
  • Date Acquired


On Magical Girl and Team menus, you can apply the following filters:

  • Show only certain element(s)
  • Show only characters of certain rarity

Info Card

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Return to the Magical Girl menuThis girl's elementThis girl's nameThe pronunciation of this girl's nameThis girl's statsThis girl's Connect, Magia, and Doppel statsView and change this girl's artworkThis girl's current RarityThis girl's current level and max levelThis girl's typeThis girl's locked/unlocked additional Memoria slotsThis girl's current/unlocked Magia LevelThis girl's episode level and episode XPThis girl's current stats, including any bonuses (if viewed in battle)This girl's basic statsThis girl's stat bonuses from Memoria (if viewed in battle)Current bonuses from AwakeningOpen the Strengthening menuOpen the Awakening menuOpen the Magia Strengthening menuOpen the Magic Release menuPlay this girl's introduction videoListen to this girl's greetingThis girl's current selected artwork. Tap to view in full screenTutorial Magical Card.png
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As well as gaining experience through battles, Magical Girls can gain experience through Strengthening Gems.

Tutorial Magical Strengthening.png

To use gems, tap the Gems you want to use. You can also tap and hold a Gem to select the number of that Gem you want to use.

The screen will show the minimum level you will reach. Click 強化 (right option) to continue, or 選択全解除 (left option) to reset.

  • Magical Girls receive more experience from gems that match their element
  • Master Gems give extra experience regardless of a girls' element
  • Strengthening has a chance of being extra successful, resulting in the girl gaining more experience than originally shown. Keep this in mind as you approach a girl's maximum level as you may end up wasting gems.
  • Strengthening costs CC based on the number and size of gems used.


When you get a Magical Girl for the first time, she will be at her lowest rarity. Increasing a girl's rarity will raise her maximum level and improve her Connect.

Tutorial Magical Awakening.png

You need certain Items to awaken Magical Girls, which can be obtained from the fighting opponents or purchasing them through the Shops. Equipping items also grants a permanent boost.

Once you have enough of an item, click the + icon over that button to apply the bonus. The items are then consumed.

Applying all the bonuses and reaching maximum level will unlock the Awaken button.

  • A girl can only be awakened when she is at her maximum level. Awakening a girl will reset her to level 1.
  • Awakening costs CC based on the rarity of the girl.
  • Once a girl is at her maximum rarity, this becomes the post awakening screen. Like Awakening, equipping items grants permanent boosts, however this can only be done once per stat. When a girl is fully post-awakened this screen no longer does anything.
  • For girls who can reach 5* rarity, awakening them to 5* is a requirement to unlock their Doppel.

Magia Strengthening

All Magical Girls start at Episode Level 1 and Magia Level 1. As you use the girl in battle, she will gain Episode XP and gain Episode Levels, eventually maxing out at Episode Level 5. The girl's Episode Level acts as the maximum level for her Magia. You can then increase your Magia Level from this screen.

Tutorial Magical Magia.png

Each time you strengthen a girl's Magia, you increase the amount of damage it deals and the strength of its bonuses. Some girls also gain additional bonuses as their Magia Levels are increased.

You need certain Items to increase Magia levels. Collecting enough of every item and raising Episode level will unlock the Strengthen button.

  • Magia Strengthening costs CC based on the level of the Magia.
  • Magia Strengthening uses the same Items as Magical Girl Awakening - keep this in mind when deciding who to level!
  • Raising a girl's Magia to Level 5 increases her MP Gauge to a maximum 200.
  • For girls who can reach 5* rarity, strengthening their Magia to Level 5 is a requirement to unlock their Doppel.

Magic Release

When you get a Magical Girl for the first time, she will only be able to equip 1 Memoria. To increase the number of Memoria she can carry, you must obtain her Destiny Gems. You can increase a Magical Girl's Memoria slots 3 times, for a total of 4 Memoria slots.

Tutorial Magical Release.png

Collecting enough Destiny Gems unlocks the Release button.

  • The number of Destiny Gems requires per slot depends on the girl's lowest rarity; the lower this is, the more Gems required to unlock her slots:
    • 1* & 2*: 10 Gems
    • 3*: 3 Gems
    • 4*: 1 Gem
  • You cannot go beyond 4 Memoria slots for a girl, even if you acquire more Destiny Gems. Once a girl is at 4 slots, the Release button is replaced by the Exchange button. You can exchange extra Gems for Magia Chips or Destiny Crystals. The number of Chips/Crystals you get depends on the girl's lowest rarity:
    • 1* & 2*: 1 Gem
    • 3*: 3 Gems
    • 4*: 1 Destiny Crystal
  • Magic Release costs CC based on how many slots a girl has.

You can get a girl's Destiny Gems through one of three ways: