This page has been archived.

This tier list originally applied to Mirrors on the JP server, however the introduction of NA-only content and the rapid shifts in meta means it is no longer applicable to either server. As the main contributors behind this page have now retired from the wiki, the tierings are no longer truly accurate.

For reference purposes, the list has been rolled back to its tierings at the end of Main Story Arc 1. Updates since that time can be found by viewing the page edit history.

Many thanks to the contributors who have tried to step up and keep this updated. In its current state this page has attracted significant criticism and is no longer appropriate for the wiki. We are looking at new ways to integrate gameplay analysis into the wiki but this is not a priority at this stage.

While this is called a tier list, and the magical girls, further referred to solely as girls, will be listed in tiers, the key aspect of each girl may be found in her given notes. It shouldn’t be blindly assumed that a random assortment of highly tiered girls is synonymous with the strongest available team for you.

Due to the sheer power difference between 5★ girls and the others, it may be assumed that any non-5★ girl not listed here belongs in the F-tier.

The girls listed here are ranked for mirrors, for questing/ PvE the battle rules are completely different, allowing you to play slower games, where you take less damage, against a more "stupid" ai. In essence allowing magia users and healers to be used, something that may, and should, be considered suicidal in mirrors.

A girl with 3 disks of one type will be referred to as a "gorilla". Ie, Tart is a blast gorilla, due to having 3 blast disks

The order of the girls within each tier is arbitrary, and thus does not reflect any difference in power level within the tier.

Notes are described with - for negative note, + for positive note and ~ for average.

The Roles in a Team

These are the roles I will use to describe the functions a girl may, or should, be used to accomplish. The words used are similar to those used in other games, but might vary somewhat. Particularly the difference between a tank and an off-tank is different, due to how aggro (how the target is chosen by the ai) works in this game.

  • Dps. A girl whose build is meant to pump out as much damage as possible. High ATK is preferable.
  • Target. The girl the ai will target. This is in most cases synonymous with "the girl with the lowest DEF". Might have use for Damage Cut or Evade Memoriae, but will often live at the mercy of your tank, if you field a tank, and in almost all cases be the first to die. Usually a dps. High HP is preferable.
  • Tank. A character who redirects attacks upon herself. Used to protect the other girls in her team. As of October 2018, a tank is synonymous with a girl carrying Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style, The Sunlight That Shines Into the Complex and high DEF active Memoriae. High DEF is preferable.
  • Off-tank. A character with a high DEF, preferably higher than the tank, who does not redirect attacks onto herself. The off-tank is the girl who is expected to survive the longest in your team, she should carry active Memoriae giving her the most damage output once activated. High DEF is preferable. Mex4 can be used to make an otherwise not-tanky girl fulfil this role, given that the girl is not at the risk of being randomly hurt because of a blast on an ally.

Evaluation Guidelines

The girls are ranked based on the following guidelines:

  • The goal of a strong team is to gain as many points as possible, as defined by the rules in Ranked Mirrors, with the highest reliability.
    The current rules are:
    • The modifier starts at 1.5
    • Each turn after the first adds a -0.1 penalty to the modifier
    • Each connect, up to 3, adds a +0.1 bonus to the modifier
  • This makes the objective of any mirror team to win the game within 4 turns, where it gets as many connects of as possible.
  • The girls are assumed 4 slotted, max ranked, max levelled, and fully post-awakened (meaning they have their Final Items and Buffs all set of their Upgrade materials)
    • The girls are assumed to always equip proper Memoriae, meaning they carry as many passives as possible, and that the Memoriae they have equipped are fitting to their role in your team.
    • As a general rule of thumb, a girl may be considered 1 tier bellow what is shown here for each slot she is missing, apart from if they are only 1 slot, in which case they may be considered 4 tiers lower, due to the importance of 2 passives.
  • This tier list assumes the opponent you are facing are fielding girls with at least 50,000 points per girl, and that all those girls are properly equipped (ie. no inflated points due to usage of F-Tier, or otherwise useless, Memoriae as defined in Memoria Tier List), as this is roughly the point where fielding your strongest available girls, without further tactics, starts not being good enough.
  • Due to the time limitation imposed by the high damage available in mirrors, magiae are, except where otherwise stated, assumed irrelevant to the girls ranking, as it will never affect the outcome of the battles.
  • Disks are preferred in the order of B > C > A, this becomes evident when inspecting Damage Calculation. An extract would be:
    • Blast disks have the highest possible damage output in a blast-puella combo.
    • Blast disks have the highest charge damage modifier.
    • A non-puella blast combo does more damage than charge-, accele-, or puella comboes.
    • In a puella combo accele, charge, and blast in the 3rd position all deals the same damage, but charge obviously set up for more damage by the following blast disk (charged accele damage is negligible and should be avoided)
    • In a non-puella accele does the most damage, but an AAA still only does roughly 5% more damage than ACB ( 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 vs 1 + 0.8 + 0.7 * 1.4 * 1.2 * 0.9 = 2.86), in the case of no blast up or charge up.
  • However, it should be noted that, no matter the damage available in blast disks, puella comboes are still highly preferred, due to the connect objectives in mirror matches, and puellas being the most reliable and simple way to get connects.
    • This implies that a girl's strength is positively proportional to how many blast disk she has, as this increases the amount of blasts available in a random disk draw.
  • Effects are evaluated based on their actual effectiveness. This means that while Here With You has Magia Damage Up [IX / 25%], ie effect IX, it is still strictly worse than My Bible which has Damage Increase [V / 25%] & Anti-Curse [100%], ie V. They have the same percent increase, but My Bible works on all attacks, including Magia, while Here With You solely works on magia. (Using Memoriae for a simpler example).
  • Effects are evaluated based on their impact and limitations as described in Damage Calculation. This implies, amongst others, that Attack Up is superior to Damage Up at equal percent, and that Blast Up is somewhat harder to build around due to it's relatively low cap compared to its effectiveness.
  • Offensive connects are considered favourably to defensive ones due to the simple fact that if the enemies are all dead, there is no need for defense. Especially when coupled with active Memoriae in later turns the game is often over, rendering defencive options useless in many situations.
  • Due to how the attribute wheel is laid out
    • If any attributeA in the trio of forest, fire and water proves to have below-average strength, then the attributeB weak to that attributeA becomes stronger, due to having a lesser weakness, and the attributeC strong to that attributeA becomes weaker, as people will run less girls from attributeA, and more from attributeB which is strong versus attributeC. This is what we are seeing now, with forest and fire being generally weak attributes, and water having some very strong girls. The effect of this is that running fire is inadvisable, as you are almost guaranteed to face the low-risk-high-power water girls, and few forest girls. Running water is safe, and running forest is fine since it counters the popular water girls, without great risk due to few fires.
    • If you are running girl from the duo of dark and light, you want to kill the girls of the opposite attribute fast, as they will kill your girls equally fast. What this means is that you in most cases will want to run either dark or light, not both, so that you can more reliably, and faster remove the girls threatening you with your high damage versus them.
    • This makes it so the optimal combinations of attributes are either:
      • All girls from one of the attribute duo.
      • All girls from one of the attribute trio.
      • All girls from one of the attribute duo and one of the attribute trio.
      • All girls from two of the attribute trio, making one attribute your main attribute, and having one girl who is weak to your main attribute, so she can kill the girls strong versus your main attribute.

Some special notes on skill interactions

  • Evade is cancelled by any Status Ailment
  • Chance to Critical Hit does not stack, if recipient of two Critical Chance Up effects, the highest percentage is used. This makes Chance to Critical Hit Memoriae and Chance to Critical Hit connects a bad combo.
  • Similarly evade does not stack
  • Evade does not work on counter, chase or similar effects.
  • A girl will not counter, provoke, guardian etc. if the girl cannot take any action due to stun, charm etc. However, there is currently a bug with Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style allowing the carrier to still be able to provoke while affected, meaning that stunning, charming etc. a tank with Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style is strictly bad, as she will be able to do her tank job, but at the same time not pollute the disk pool, allowing the AI to pull only disks from it's dps or off-tank characters.
  • A girl will not counter an attack she evaded.
  • The AI will assume no crits, no evades, no intervening from other girls through guardian etc. and no Damage Cut from the receiving girl when choosing targets, this means that any evade, guardian etc. will greatly increase your girls probability of surviving the round, and Damage Cut generally increases the chance for that girl. Damage negation abilities equipped Memoriae are thus considered great due to their ability to keep the girl alive to the following turn, not only for the damage negated.
  • The AI will focus the target it expects to do the most damage on. This is usually synonymous with targeting the girl with the lowest DEF, except if it has type advantage, then the target will be a girl of the weak element.
  • Blast Up has a cap at +100%, implying that a carrier of Towards the Light! etc. will reach the cap and somewhat waste the effect if she is recipient of any Blast Up connect.
  • Chance to either leave the girl alive, or overkill (do a lot more damage than needed) is considered worse than barely, but consistently, finishing the girl. This means Crit, chance to Armour Pierce etc. is considered somewhat harshly compared to other effects.

The Two-Edged Sword of Stuns

The status aliments Stun, Charm and Bind will here be referred to as stuns.
This section will refer mostly to non-guaranteed stuns, but it must be noted that against Ultimate Madoka, every stun is non-guaranteed.
A stun might stun the enemy, leaving that character useless for the next turn, as well as removing evade, taunt (Except Assistant Instructor of the Ryuushin Style due to a bug) and guardian for that character. However, it might also give the enemy a free puella combo, possibly from the opponent's dps or off-tank , if the attack where your stun applied was taunted or guarded. The only time the stun effect will have a positive impact is if the character you bound has connect ready, you stun the opponents offensive character, or you stun the entire opponents team. Getting a stun , but not stunning everyone, when the opponent has two or three girls alive just guarantees a puella for the opponent, not great. In other cases the stun is simply un-impactful.

The One-Edged Sword of Blinds

The status aliments Fog, Dazzle and Darkness will here be referred to as blinds.
A blind might blind the enemy, removing evade from them, and adding a miss chance to their attacks. This is effectively the same as reducing the affected girl's damage with the likeliness of missing. Making Dazzle for instance reduce the expected damage from the affected girl by 50%. On top of this, as explained in Some special notes on skill interactions, the AI will not expect any misses, and as such will most likely allow their targets to live if they miss any attack, barring a crit.
Note that blinds stack multiplicatively, meaning that if a character is Fogged three times, their hit chance will be 1 * (1 - 0.25) * (1 - 0.25) * (1 - 0.25) = 42.2%.




Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Light Tart Tart
HP 24,260, ATK 8,976, DEF 8,998
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Defense Up [IX / 105%] &
Possibly the best magical girl in the game. The perfect example of an off-tank, Tart fields both fairly high ATK and DEF, as well as 3 blast disks, leaving her a superb finisher. Her connect is simple, granting the target both decent increase in damage and tankiness, allowing it to be used on both tanks and on dps without waste, but also has little else going for it

AttributeIcon Light Ultimate Madoka Ultimate Madoka
HP 29,143, ATK 9,114, DEF 7,906
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Status Ailment Resistance Up [100%] & Chance to Survive [HP restored = 20%, Chance to apply = 100%] & Remove Status Ailments [100%] &
EX Skill: Regenerate HP [II / 3% (Allies)] & Status Ailment Resistance Up [III / 30% (Allies)] &
Her mere presence renders Memoria such as About to Leave in Haregi and Magical Halloween Theater significantly weaker, as well as many connects. Fielding high HP, fairly high ATK, and decent DEF, Ultimate Madoka can easily take the role of dps and target, as well as off-tank to a lesser extent. Her connect grants guaranteed Survive and Damage Up, which allows her to both save and enable her allies, which can, if used correctly, guarantee victory. Having 2 blast disks allows her to output significant damage if left for last, albeit less than that of the likes of Tart


Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Light Fate T. Harlaown Fate T. Harlaown
HP 22,596, ATK 10,028, DEF 7,255
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & Chance to Anti-Evade [55%] &
A light type with the highest attack in game, Fate will annihilate anything she comes across. On the off chance she doesn't manage to kill them all herself, her connect increases damage and gives a high crit chance. She's frail, so make sure to protect her.

AttributeIcon Light Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura Rumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura
HP 27,372, ATK 9,012, DEF 8,812
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & Chance to Evade [65%] &
An strong girl with an incredibly powerful connect that gives attack up and a high chance to crit, as well as good stats all around. Put her on a team with someone with high ATK, and that girl will wreak havoc on enemies.

AttributeIcon Forest Holy Alina Holy Alina
HP 23,541, ATK 9,814, DEF 6,942
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Curse on Attack [100%] & Chance to Stun on Attack [50%] &
Forest's first gorilla, her triple blast discs combined with the third highest ATK in the game make her beastly. She cleaves through water types like a hot knife through butter. While her defense is abysmal, her decent HP pool will let her soak up the hits the tank can't cover. Her connect is solid, with Attack Up and a chance to Stun as well as a guaranteed Curse on hit.

AttributeIcon Dark Akemi Homura Akemi Homura
HP 21,411, ATK 9,294, DEF 8,208
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & Chance to Stun on Attack [50%] &
Dark BBB spread makes her threatening enough - she's extremely frail, but packs a major punch. Her connect is also very good, giving an immense bonus in power with a raise in attack, crit chance, and stun.

AttributeIcon Aqua Tokiwa Nanaka Tokiwa Nanaka
HP 24,648, ATK 8,136, DEF 7,797
Connect: Blast Damage Up [VIII / 75%] & Attack Up [VIII / 37.5%] & Remove Debuffs [100%] &
An all-star as soon as she was uncapped, she's a blast gorilla with an amazing connect. Makes a nice team with other blast gorillas. Easily slotted.

AttributeIcon Flame Sakura Kyouko Sakura Kyouko
HP 22,580, ATK 9,592, DEF 7,268
Connect: Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] & Damage Cut [IX / 70%] &
Blast gorilla glass cannon with amazing ATK and a good connect. If she wasn't Flame type, she'd probably be S. Even as is, she can put up a decent fight against water with her raw damage and pave the way for the rest of your team to come through once she dies.

AttributeIcon Dark Kure Kirika Kure Kirika
HP 29,248, ATK 7,352, DEF 9,432
Connect: Chance to Counter [100%] & Chance to Provoke [100%] & Defense Up [VII / 90%] &
Probably the best tank in the game. Amazing bulk, great defensive connect, and the fact that she has two blasts means that she's less likely to interfere with the damage output of your other girls.

AttributeIcon Dark Riz Hawkwood Riz Hawkwood
HP 23,324, ATK 9,580, DEF 7,524
Connect: Chance to Defense Pierce [100%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] &
Very solid DPS character with enough defense to keep her alive. Can easily take down a Tart or Ultimate Madoka. Her connect is great, with guaranteed Defence Pierce and a high chance of a critical hit.

AttributeIcon Dark Kazumi Kazumi
HP 22,958, ATK 9,273, DEF 7,458
Connect: Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] & Chance to Defense Pierce [100%] &
Slightly worse than Riz, Kazumi is still powerful enough to earn herself an A rank. Has excellent damage output, good disks, and a great connect. The Blast Up in her connect is an enabler that will shine in a team with Blast gorillas.

AttributeIcon Aqua Shizumi Konoha Shizumi Konoha
HP 26,940, ATK 8,388, DEF 8,793
Connect: HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & Accele MP Gain Up [IX / 50%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] &
Excellent stats with a fairly useful connect. Can fill most roles and do them quite well. Two blast disks give her nice damage potential.

AttributeIcon Dark Yukino Kanae Yukino Kanae
HP 27,181, ATK 8,358, DEF 8,483
Connect: Attack Up (NA only) [VIII / 37.5%] & Attack Up (JP only) [IX / 40%] & Remove Debuffs [100%] & Status Ailment Resistance Up (JP only) [IX / 3 Turns / 60%] &
A worse version of Tart, Kanae is still a force to be reckoned with. Her good stats, dark element and triple Blast makes her a powerhouse that can wreak havoc on the enemy team. Her connect's Remove Debuff is very situational and will probably not come into play much.

AttributeIcon Flame Kanbaru Suruga Kanbaru Suruga
HP 22,951, ATK 9,905, DEF 7,078
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Charged Attack Damage Up [VIII / 27.5%] & Chance to Critical Hit [VI / 55%] &
Suruga has the second highest ATK in the game, making her a solid character. Her connect is also incredibly strong, giving both Attack Up and a chance to crit.

AttributeIcon Forest Alina Gray Alina Gray
HP 22,370, ATK 9,784, DEF 7,106
Connect: Attack Up [VIII / 37.5%] & Chance to Dazzle on Attack [100%] & Chance to Poison on Attack [100%] & Chance to Stun on Attack [35%] &
Alina's base stats are high, especially her ATK, making her well suited for being a dps. Having 2 blast disks she packs a fair punch, especially against water types. Her connect is, however, counter-intuitive. The Attack Up is in it self good, the poison is mostly inconsequential, and the dazzle is very strong, allowing Alina's connected target to half the expected damage of everyone she hits. However, the connect also has a low percent stun chance, which embodies the two-edged sword of stuns, which can, if it actually applies, render the dazzle effect useless, as the character that got dazzled won't be getting any disks to miss with anyways. Since the stun is a wildcard, the connect may not be used for defensive purposes (dazzling all enemies) without the chance-stun risks also taking effect

AttributeIcon Forest Holy Mami Holy Mami
HP 21,708, ATK 9,566, DEF 7,669
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [IX / 45%] & Remove Status Ailments [100%] & Chance to Fog on Attack [50%] &
Very similar to Alina. Her stats are good, although more balanced, and her Fog connect is powerful even though it's not guaranteed, without the risk of Alina's stun.

AttributeIcon Light Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.) Kaname Madoka (Haregi ver.)
HP 27,788, ATK 8,298, DEF 7,608
Connect: HP Restore [IX / 50%] & Damage Up [IX / 40%] &
Can perform decently in both offensive and defensive roles due to her stats. Her connect is situational - while the Attack Up will always be good, the HP Restore will often be wasted, especially since she herself will often be the target.

AttributeIcon Dark Momoe Nagisa Momoe Nagisa
HP 22,070, ATK 9,534, DEF 6,490
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Fog on Attack [100%] & Chance to Anti-Evade [100%] &
Her personal memoria is what brings her to an A - passive Endure makes her incredibly dangerous. Without it, she drops to a B or even C. Since she's an Accele gorilla, she can pretty easily fire off her Magia if you let her. However, her Magia is slightly unreliable due to the random targeting. The effect is good though, and will usually hit all the members of a 2-3 girl enemy team.

AttributeIcon Forest Futaba Sana Futaba Sana
HP 25,825, ATK 6,520, DEF 9,080
Connect: Damage Cut [XV /100%] & Attack Up [VI / 32.5%] & Defense Up to Tamaki Iroha [40%] &
A chunky tank with an incredibly useful connect that not only gives 100% damage cut, but increases attack to boot.


Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Light Iroha-chan Iroha-chan
HP 30,088, ATK 8,015, DEF 7,582
Connect: Chance to Critical Hit [X / 75%] & Chance to Dazzle on Attack [65%] &
A....surprisingly good unit, Iroha-chan is a quite good tank with a really good connect, pairing dazzle and a high crit chance for disruption and destruction.

AttributeIcon Dark Sarasa Hanna Sarasa Hanna
HP 23,072, ATK 9,663, DEF 7,138
Connect: Attack Up [VIII / 35%] & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [IV / 32.5%] & Chance to Charm on Attack [100%] &
An interesting unit, Hanna is fairly solid on her own but can be paired with girls with strong status effects for a powerful team.

AttributeIcon Flame Takamachi Nanoha Takamachi Nanoha
HP 26,988, ATK 9,005, DEF 9,023
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Damage Cut [IX / 70%] &
A pretty good off-tank with solid stats all around. Her attack up and damage cut on her connect is versatile, and she can fit into almost any team.

AttributeIcon Aqua Nanami Yachiyo Nanami Yachiyo
HP 23,479, ATK 7,588, DEF 8,316
Connect: Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & HP Restore to Tamaki Iroha [25%] &
Solid Blast gorilla that can perform in offensive or defensive roles, although her stats aren't the greatest. Has an inconsistant but good connect. Extremely easy to slot and one of the best units for new or F2P players.

AttributeIcon Dark Senjougahara Hitagi Senjougahara Hitagi
HP 23,710, ATK 8,128, DEF 6,835
Connect: Attack Up [VIII / 37.5%] & Chance to Poison on Attack [100%] & Damage Cut [VIII / 65%] &
Another solid blast gorilla, Hitagi's dark element means she won't suffer from elemental disadvantage. Her connect is pretty good, giving both a boost to attack as well as damage cut. However, her stats are poor.

AttributeIcon Dark Isuzu Ren Isuzu Ren
HP 21,420, ATK 9,128, DEF 6,844
Connect: Chance to Chase [100%] & Chance to Evade [100%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] &
A good glass cannon, she has high ATK even though the rest of her stats suck. Her connect is great if she survives to use it.

AttributeIcon Flame Mao Himika Mao Himika
HP 30,227, ATK 7,685, DEF 9,305
Connect: Endure [3 Turns] & Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] &
Great tank with high stats and a good connect. Held back from being an A because of her Flame type - girls like Yachiyo, Rena, and Konoha will destroy her.

AttributeIcon Aqua Miki Sayaka Miki Sayaka
HP 29,266, ATK 7,595, DEF 9,493
Connect: Regenerate HP [IX / 3 Turns / 10%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] &
Very high DEF and HP, average ATK, but lacking in blast disks, a very solid tank. The HP regen in her connect will almost never impact the game, but the Attack Up is simple and reliable damage, boosting her allies damage by a fair amount, despite usually not being able to connect with a blast disk }}

AttributeIcon Aqua Hachikuji Mayoi Hachikuji Mayoi
HP 26,498, ATK 7,111, DEF 10,947
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Ignore Damage Cut [100%] & Defense Pierce [100%] &
Extremely similar to Sayaka, Mayoi is another solid tank. Her connect is significantly better though - it shares the attack up, but adds Anti-Damage Down and Defense Pierce to break through anything holding the girl being connected to back.

AttributeIcon Forest Aino Mito Aino Mito
HP 27,141, ATK 8,644, DEF 8,471
Connect: Chance to Evade [100%] & Chance to Provoke [IX / 70%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] &
Great stats that let her fill most roles, although her disks hold her back a bit. Was the only viable Forest tank until Nemu arrived and later Sana's uncap, giving her tough competition as Sana is easily slotted and negates damage, but still can be a nice damage sponge for water girls. Good connect, although it's a bit hard to use.

AttributeIcon Forest Hiiragi Nemu Hiiragi Nemu
HP 29,016, ATK 8,055, DEF 7,725
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & HP Restore [VI / 42.5%] & Chance to Dazzle on Attack [100%] &
Another fairly good forest tank, the attack up and darkness on her connect are good offensive boons for your attacker.

AttributeIcon Aqua Minami Rena Minami Rena
HP 22,144, ATK 9,776, DEF 7,366
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Accele MP Gain Up [IX / 50%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] &
Extremely high attack with a nice connect, her disks are the only thing holding her back. She's a very good glass cannon, but since she's an Accele gorilla she's somewhat harder to build around than someone like Alina or Ren.

AttributeIcon Light Izumi Kanagi Izumi Kanagi
HP 21,406, ATK 9,695, DEF 7,386
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Anti-Evade [100%] &
One of the stronger glass cannons in the game. Her connect is pretty good - the Attack Up is good, and while the Anti-Evade is niche it can easily make the difference between a win and a loss.

AttributeIcon Aqua Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.) Tamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.)
HP 28,648, ATK 8,016, DEF 7,932
Connect: Blast Damage Up [X / 85%] & Defense Up [X / 112.5%] & Chance to Fog on Attack [100%] &
Decent all around, but not super good at anything in particular. Her connect leads her to be best suited to a team with Blast gorillas.

AttributeIcon Void Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.) Yakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.)
HP 28,529, ATK 8,785, DEF 8,614
Connect: HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & Attack Up [VII / 35%] & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [V / 35%] &
Solid unit with no weaknesses. Also doesn't have very many outstanding strengths, though. Her magia, unlike standard Mitama's, actually does damage.


Girl Notes
AttributeIcon Dark Tamaki Ui Tamaki Ui
HP 27,303, ATK 8,479, DEF 8,887
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Ignore Damage Cut [100%] & Chance to Curse on Attack [100%] &
Can be run as a tank or off-tank, but not especially good. Her connect is decent, but nothing special.

AttributeIcon Aqua Tatsuki Asuka Tatsuki Asuka
HP 24,801, ATK 7,836, DEF 8,727
Connect: Chance to Provoke [100%] & Damage Cut [IX / 70%] &
Mediocre body with a connect that's hard to build around, her main redeeming feature is her BBB spread. Easily slotted, but Yachiyo and Nanaka are also both easily slotted Aqua BBB girls and there's no reason to run her over them.

AttributeIcon Flame Rumor Tsuruno Rumor Tsuruno
HP 21,568, ATK 8,606, DEF 6,999
Connect: Attack Up [VIII / 37.5%] & Chance to Charm on Attack [80%] &
Mediocre stats although she has a decent ATK. Her connect is good, but it's inconsistant and Ultimate Madoka renders it almost worthless. She's a decent filler attacker who's easily slotted if you rolled her once.

AttributeIcon Light Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.) Akemi Homura (Mizugi ver.)
HP 22,660, ATK 9,008, DEF 6,627
Connect: Chance to Evade [100%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Skill Quicken [55%] &
She has a very good connect and high ATK, but her other stats hold her back. She can play a decent glass cannon if need be. Mechanically, she functions very similar to Isuzu Ren. However, Ren's magia is a little bit better as it helps protect her.

AttributeIcon Forest Tomoe Mami Tomoe Mami
HP 20,941, ATK 9,652, DEF 6,553
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Bind on Attack [100%] & Chance to Burn on Attack [100%] &
Powerful connect with a guaranteed Bind and Burn as well as Damage Up. High ATK, low everything else. Having only one blast disk holds her back.

AttributeIcon Forest Sengoku Nadeko Sengoku Nadeko
HP 21,870, ATK 9,214, DEF 6,906
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Burn on Attack [100%] & Chance to Charm on Attack [100%] &
Pretty much a reskin of Mami, except her connect has Charm and Attack Up instead of Bind and Damage Up and her stats are a little bit more balanced.

AttributeIcon Dark Mitsuki Felicia Mitsuki Felicia
HP 21,087, ATK 8,700, DEF 6,530
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Anti-Counter [100%] &
Another mediocre glass cannon, she's a hard hitter but her stats just aren't as good, and her connect is simply average. Very easy to slot though, and is an accessible option for new and F2P players.

AttributeIcon Light Awane Kokoro Awane Kokoro
HP 28,327, ATK 7,308, DEF 10,001
Connect: Damage Cut [IX / 70%] & Chance to Counter [100%] &
Very high DEF, high HP and average ATK, but lacking in blast disks, fairly well fitted for being a tank. Her connect is very awkward, where the damage cut will allow her target to most likely survive, given that they start with a decent amount of HP, and counter the attacks taken. However, unless it is used on a full health off-tank, the amount of counters will usually be 1 or 2, given that Kokoro doesn't actually intercept any of the attacks directed at your connect target, which is unlikely. The result of all this is that her connect will, in most cases, be rendered useless, or close to useless. When you include the likeliness of not connecting with a blast disk, giving the connect target damage that way, it becomes evident that Kokoro will usually make any disk used by her a wasted disk

AttributeIcon Dark Makino Ikumi Makino Ikumi
HP 23,632, ATK 8,118, DEF 8,015
Connect: HP Restore [IX / 50%] & Attack Up [VII / 35%] & Chance to Magia Seal on Attack [35%] &
Nothing really noteworthy? Not very commonly seen in Mirrors, if at all.

AttributeIcon Flame Amano Suzune Amano Suzune
HP 21,004, ATK 9,513, DEF 7,057
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] &
Can work in a magia comp - her Magia is fairly good and her AAA disk spread make it easy to reach. Not really worth running outside one unless you're really pressed for options.

AttributeIcon Flame Hanekawa Tsubasa Hanekawa Tsubasa
HP 28,708, ATK 8,036, DEF 7,952
Connect: Remove Debuffs [100%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Burn on Attack [100%] &
See notes on Suzune - they're basically the same unit.


Girl Notes
AttributeIcon Flame Satomi Touka Satomi Touka
HP 21,019, ATK 9,803, DEF 6,072
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & MP Restore [VI / 25 MP] & Chance to Magia Seal on Attack [100%] &
Another magia-oriented Flame type. You could maybe run a niche Magia comp including her, but she probably isn't worth running otherwise.

AttributeIcon Light Oshino Shinobu Oshino Shinobu
HP 21,620, ATK 9,428, DEF 6,744
Connect: Regenerate HP [VIII / 3 Turns / 9%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Curse on Attack [100%] &
Mediocre connect and okay stats; she doesn't really excel in PVP.

AttributeIcon Flame Misono Karin Misono Karin
HP 28,476, ATK 7,874, DEF 7,543
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Chance to Dazzle on Attack [100%] & Chance to Magia Seal on Attack [35%] &
Great connect, but that's about it. Her stats are average, and although she's an Accele gorilla she probably won't get to Magia. Flame type also hurts her, as she dies to units like Konoha, Yachiyo, and Rena.

AttributeIcon Light Mikuni Oriko Mikuni Oriko
HP 20,088, ATK 8,480, DEF 6,480
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Accele MP Gain Up [VIII / 45%] & Chance to Critical Hit [VII / 60%] &
Very frail glass cannon. However, her single blast disk hinders her damage output. Her connect is strong, if she lives long enough to use it.
A solo Oriko is viable for Magia cheese strategy; even more so than the original Tsuruno one. Stick some MP Gain Up memoriae on her, and if she survives the first turn she can keep throwing out Magiae after that. The guaranteed Evade on it will help ensure she survives the remaining turns.

AttributeIcon Flame Togame Momoko Togame Momoko
HP 27,101, ATK 8,428, DEF 8,834
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Charged Attack Damage Up [IX / 30%] & Chance to Defense Pierce [100%] &
Probably the best Charge gorilla in the game, but that's not really saying much. Good connect with enough bulk to be a tank, but since she's Flame type she won't last long against the common Aqua girls.

AttributeIcon Flame Yui Tsuruno Yui Tsuruno
HP 18,927, ATK 8,552, DEF 6,056
Connect: Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] &
Okay ATK with an insanely good connect, but the rest of her stats and Flame type make her insanely fragile as well.
A solo Tsuruno is viable for Magia cheese strategy; albeit not as well as Oriko. Stick some MP Gain Up memoriae on her, and if she survives the first turn she can keep throwing out Magiae after that. The guaranteed Evade on it will help ensure she survives the remaining turns.

AttributeIcon Dark Amane Tsukuyo Amane Tsukuyo
HP 26,146, ATK 8,708, DEF 8,728
Connect: Charged Attack Damage Up [XI / 35%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & Attack Up to Amane Tsukasa [30%] &
Great stats, but she's subpar in every other regard. Her connect is chance based with a mediocre effect, she's got three charge discs, and she doesn't fit any role particularly well.


Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Light Fumino Sayuki Fumino Sayuki
HP 27,907, ATK 8,339, DEF 7,651
Connect: Attack Up [X / 42.5%] & Accele MP Gain Up [IX / 50%] &
Mediocre stats and a connect that doesn't do too much - but it does raise attack by a significant amount, so not...entirely the worst.

AttributeIcon Void Yakumo Mitama Yakumo Mitama
HP 29,120, ATK 7,776, DEF 8,460
Connect: HP Restore [IX / 50%] & Damage Up Versus Enemies Affected With Status Ailments [IX / 45%] & Defense Down [V / 15%] &
Can tank decently, especially for a magia team or a 5-girl team; her stats are pretty good. Not much else going for her - her connect and Magia both kinda suck.

AttributeIcon Forest Akino Kaede Akino Kaede
HP 20,511, ATK 8,579, DEF 6,352
Connect: Damage Up [VIII / 37.5%] & MP Gain Up [VIII / 27.5%] & Regenerate HP [VI / 3 Turns / 7%] &
Low stats, mediocre connect. Doesn't really have much going for her besides being a good attacker into Water types and being easily slottable.

AttributeIcon Light Chiaki Riko Chiaki Riko
HP 27,725, ATK 8,175, DEF 7,429
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Charged Attack Damage Up [X / 32.5%] & Chance to Skill Seal on Attack [100%] &
Her stats are mediocre, but what really holds her back is her discs. Charge gorillas are generally subpar due to Charge's poor performance in mirrors(and elsewhere), and Riko is no exception. Her connect is mediocre - although the Attack Up is good, the Charged Attack Damage Up is mostly useless and the Skill Seal will almost never come into play since most magical girls won't live long enough to activate them.

AttributeIcon Aqua Kozue Mayu Kozue Mayu
HP 21,629, ATK 8,853, DEF 7,023
Connect: Damage Up [IX / 40%] & MP Restore [VI / 25 MP] & Accele MP Gain Up [V / 30%] &
Very fragile Magia type with a mediocre connect. Has a decent ATK stat and could be a workable glass cannon if slotted.


Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Dark Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) Akemi Homura (Megane ver.)
HP 29,025, ATK 7,554, DEF 7,529
Connect: Chance to Evade [100%] & Magia Damage Up [III / 20%] & Magia Damage Up to Kaname Madoka, Miki Sayaka, Tomoe Mami, and Sakura Kyouko [7.5%] &
Having a high HP pool, but average ATK and DEF, Megane Homura is best at playing the target. Her disks allows her to participate in blast combos, even though this might not be smart since she is expected to die first, losing the connect. Her connect is only good for the evade chance, which again is not very reliable, since Evade ignoring memoria such as Magical Halloween Theater and Twin Shadows Sneaking Up are highly common

AttributeIcon Light Kaname Madoka Kaname Madoka
HP 24,336, ATK 6,832, DEF 9,276
Connect: HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & MP Restore [VIII / 30 MP] & MP Restore to Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) [II / 8 MP] &
Having fairly high DEF, but average HP and abysmal ATK, Madoka may function as a tank, and little else. Her connect is rarely useful, only being useful on girls below half health, but then often having to give up a puella combo to heal. The heal percentage is no higher than what you may expect an opponent to do in 1 or 2 attacks, meaning that you used 3 low value Madoka attacks to gain an ability that might counteract 1 or 2 attacks, often at the cost of a puella, overall Madoka sets you up for more pain than she does your opponent, and should be avoided

AttributeIcon Light Tamaki Iroha Tamaki Iroha
HP 22,020, ATK 6,276, DEF 8,332
Connect: HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & MP Restore to Nanami Yachiyo [30] & Attack Up [VI / 32.5] &
Despite finally being uncapped to five stars, our protagonist is still pretty bad in Mirrors. Her connect isn't great, her unique Magia will almost never come into play, and her one-star start leaves her stats pretty abysmal.

AttributeIcon Dark Azusa Mifuyu Azusa Mifuyu
HP 27,452, ATK 7,933, DEF 7,785
Connect: Accele MP Gain Up [IX / 50%] & Chance to Dazzle on Attack [100%] &
With decent HP, average DEF and average ATK, Mifuyu fits no roles particularly well. This is further emphasised by her connect, offering Dazzle and Accele Up, where only the dazzle actually does anything useful, and mostly defensively. On top of this she does not offer much damage to her connect target with her triple accele deck. She may be played in a tank-magia comp, but even there she falls short to both stronger accele users and better tanks

AttributeIcon Dark Kuro Kuro
HP 8,767, ATK 3,546, DEF 2,842
Connect: Accele MP Gain Up [II / 15%] & Attack Up to Akemi Homura (Megane ver.) [60%] &
Often experimented with due to her personal memoria buffing everyone else when she dies. However, since she only has one slot, Guardian/Taunt memoria cannot be equipped. This leads to her often hurting by clogging up disks more than she actually helps by buffing on death.

AttributeIcon Forest Miyako Hinano Miyako Hinano
HP 25,030, ATK 7,230, DEF 7,100
Connect: Damage Up [X / 42.5%] & Chance to Poison on Attack [100%] &
Poor stats, connect and magia make her woefully outclassed by other forest types, not recommended.

AttributeIcon Light Madoka-senpai Madoka-senpai
HP 24,883, ATK 7,882, DEF 7,884
Connect: HP Restore [IX / 50%] & Defense Down [III / 10%] & Attack Down [III / 10%] & Defense Up to Mao Himika [25%] & Attack Up to Mao Himika [25%] &
Play her. I dare you.


Girl Notes

AttributeIcon Light Amane Tsukasa Amane Tsukasa
HP 21,161, ATK 8,071, DEF 6,613
Connect: MP Restore [VIII / 30 MP] & Restore extra MP to Amane Tsukuyo [25 MP] &
Not ranked due to just being un-capped.

AttributeIcon Aqua Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.) Amane Sisters (Mizugi ver.)
HP 24,195, ATK 8,065, DEF 7,425
Connect: MP Restore [VIII / 30 MP] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] & Remove Debuffs [100%] &
Not ranked due to just being released.

AttributeIcon Aqua Melissa de Vignolles Melissa de Vignolles
HP 22,519, ATK 8,211, DEF 6,698
Connect: Accele MP Gain Up [IX / 50%] & Remove Debuffs [100%] &
Not ranked due to just being un-capped.

AttributeIcon Flame Elisa Celjska Elisa Celjska
HP 26,591, ATK 9,067, DEF 8,504
Connect: Defense Pierce [100%] & Remove Debuffs [100%] & Chance to Burn on Attack [100%] &
Not ranked due to just being released.

AttributeIcon Flame Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.) Sakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.)
HP 22,910, ATK 9,962, DEF 7,058
Connect: Blast Damage Up [IX / 80%] & Attack Up [IX / 40%] &
Not ranked due to just being released.

AttributeIcon Light Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.) Iroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.)
HP 26,610, ATK 9,654, DEF 6,784
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & Chance to Critical Hit [IX / 70%] &
EX Skill: Defense Up [II / 37.5% (Allies)] & Negate Critical Hit [2 (Self)] &
Not ranked due to just being released.

AttributeIcon Forest Natsume Kako Natsume Kako
HP 21,291, ATK 6,609, DEF 7,949
Connect: HP Restore [VIII / 47.5%] & Remove Status Ailments [100%] &
Not ranked due to just being uncapped.

AttributeIcon Dark Narumi Arisa Narumi Arisa
HP 23,699, ATK 8,126, DEF 7,620
Connect: Attack Up [IX / 40%] & Defense Up [IX / 105%] &
Not ranked due to just being uncapped.
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