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Magical Girls are the collectible main combat units of Magia Record.

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Kurusu Alexandra.pngUltimate Madoka-senpai.pngMiwa Mitsune.pngAshley Taylor.pngRumor Sana.pngMikoto Tsubaki.pngOoba Juri.pngIroha & Ui (Miko ver.).pngTouka & Nemu (Holy Night ver.).pngTsuruno & Felicia (Delivery ver.).pngYakumo Mikage.pngTogame Momoko (Sister ver.).pngIzumi Kanagi (Vampire ver.).pngYachiyo & Mifuyu (Origin ver.).pngKazari Jun.pngTokime Shizuka.pngLittle Kyubey.pngRumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura (Mizugi ver.).pngTomoe Mami (Mizugi ver.).pngRena & Kaede (Mizugi ver.).pngAoba Chika.pngSawa Sudachi.pngLapine.pngTart (Final ver.).pngKaharu Yuuna.pngYuzuki Hotori.pngYuzuki Rion.pngWakana Tsumugi.pngMizuki Rui.pngKasane Ao.pngYuki Maria.pngRena-chan (Idol ver.).pngHibiki Meguru.pngSasame Yozuru.pngAzumi Hagumu.pngMegumi Moka.pngMomoe Nagisa (Valentine's ver.).pngNatsu Ryouko.pngSuzuka Sakuya.pngChizu Ranka.pngLivia Medeiros.pngMiki Sayaka (Haregi ver.).pngRika & Ren (Christmas ver.).pngMiyabi Shigure.pngKira Temari.pngKomachi Mikura.pngMihono Seira.pngToki Sunao.pngHinata Matsuri.pngKanade Haruka.pngKirari Hikaru.pngNanase Yukika.pngIroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.).pngHiroe Chiharu.pngSakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.).pngCorbeau.pngElisa Celjska.pngAmane Sisters (Mizugi ver.).pngFate T. Harlaown.pngTakamachi Nanoha.pngYagami Hayate.pngFumino Sayuki.pngSarasa Hanna.pngTamaki Ui.pngFelicia-Chan.pngIroha-chan.pngRumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura.pngHiiragi Nemu.pngSatomi Touka.pngOshino Shinobu.pngKanbaru Suruga.pngAkemi Homura.pngYakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.).pngHoly Alina.pngHanekawa Tsubasa.pngHachikuji Mayoi.pngMakino Ikumi.pngMidori Ryou.pngMomoe Nagisa.pngChiaki Riko.pngSengoku Nadeko.pngSenjougahara Hitagi.pngUltimate Madoka.pngTamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.).pngAkemi Homura (Mizugi ver.).pngIzumi Kanagi.pngAzusa Mifuyu.pngRumor Tsuruno.pngAnna Meru.pngYukino Kanae.pngAmano Suzune.pngNarumi Arisa.pngShion Chisato.pngAmi Ria.pngYakumo Mitama.pngMadoka-senpai.pngMao Himika.pngKozue Mayu.pngAino Mito.pngIbuki Reira.pngKumi Seika.pngAlina Gray.pngRiz Hawkwood.pngKuro.pngMelissa de Vignolles.pngTart.pngMiki Sayaka.pngKaname Madoka (Haregi ver.).pngHoly Mami.pngAmane Tsukasa.pngAmane Tsukuyo.pngKazumi.pngMaki Kaoru.pngMisaki Umika.pngAwane Kokoro.pngMisono Karin.pngEri Aimi.pngFutaba Sana.pngMikuri Ayame.pngShizumi Konoha.pngYusa Hazuki.pngSakura Kyouko.pngIsuzu Ren.pngMitsuki Felicia.pngAkemi Homura (Megane ver.).pngAkino Kaede.pngAyano Rika.pngChitose Yuma.pngChun Meiyui.pngHaruna Konomi.pngHozumi Shizuku.pngKagami Masara.pngKaname Madoka.pngKisaki Emiri.pngKure Kirika.pngKurumi Manaka.pngMariko Ayaka.pngMikuni Oriko.pngMinagi Sasara.pngMinami Rena.pngMiyako Hinano.pngNanami Yachiyo.pngNatsume Kako.pngShinobu Akira.pngTamaki Iroha.pngTatsuki Asuka.pngTogame Momoko.pngTokiwa Nanaka.pngTomoe Mami.pngUtsuho Natsuki.pngYayoi Kanoko.pngYui Tsuruno.png

Anna Meru.pngSarasa Hanna.pngIroha & Yachiyo (Final Battle ver.).pngSakura Kyouko (Mizugi ver.).pngCorbeau.pngElisa Celjska.pngAmane Sisters (Mizugi ver.).pngTamaki Ui.pngRumor of the Ten-Thousand-Year Sakura.pngHiiragi Nemu.pngSatomi Touka.pngTamaki Iroha (Mizugi ver.).pngFumino Sayuki.pngAkemi Homura (Mizugi ver.).pngMakino Ikumi.pngMidori Ryou.pngMomoe Nagisa.pngAkemi Homura.pngAshley Taylor.pngChiaki Riko.pngIzumi Kanagi.pngUltimate Madoka.pngKuro.pngAzusa Mifuyu.pngYukino Kanae.pngRumor Tsuruno.pngYakumo Mitama (Haregi ver.).pngKaname Madoka (Haregi ver.).pngHoly Alina.pngHoly Mami.pngKozue Mayu.pngFate T. Harlaown.pngYagami Hayate.pngTakamachi Nanoha.pngMao Himika.pngMadoka-senpai.pngYakumo Mitama.pngMisono Karin.pngNarumi Arisa.pngShion Chisato.pngAmano Suzune.pngAmi Ria.pngIbuki Reira.pngAino Mito.pngKumi Seika.pngAlina Gray.pngRiz Hawkwood.pngTart.pngMelissa de Vignolles.pngMiki Sayaka.pngAmane Tsukasa.pngAmane Tsukuyo.pngMaki Kaoru.pngKazumi.pngMisaki Umika.pngEri Aimi.pngAwane Kokoro.pngFutaba Sana.pngMikuri Ayame.pngYusa Hazuki.pngShizumi Konoha.pngMitsuki Felicia.pngIsuzu Ren.pngSakura Kyouko.pngShinobu Akira.pngTatsuki Asuka.pngMariko Ayaka.pngKisaki Emiri.pngMiyako Hinano.pngAkemi Homura (Megane ver.).pngTamaki Iroha.pngAkino Kaede.pngNatsume Kako.pngYayoi Kanoko.pngKure Kirika.pngHaruna Konomi.pngKaname Madoka.pngTomoe Mami.pngKurumi Manaka.pngKagami Masara.pngChun Meiyui.pngTogame Momoko.pngTokiwa Nanaka.pngUtsuho Natsuki.pngMikuni Oriko.pngMinami Rena.pngAyano Rika.pngMinagi Sasara.pngHozumi Shizuku.pngYui Tsuruno.pngNanami Yachiyo.pngChitose Yuma.png


As a Gacha game, one of the key themes of Magia Record is to collect Magical Girls and use them to play through the game's stories and Events.

As combat units, each Magical Girl in the game has her unique strengths and weaknesses, built around a number of key stats and abilities.


One of the most important indicators of a Magical Girl's abilty is her Rarity, denoted by a number of stars ★. A girl's Rarity determines all of her other base stats and abilities, as well as her maximum level cap. The higher the rarity, the stronger the character.

Rarity is further divided into Base Rarity and Max Rarity

  • Base Rarity is the lowest Rarity a Magical Girl can be. When obtained for the first time, a Magical Girl will be at her base rarity. Base Rarity ranges from 1 to 4; the higher the Base Rarity, the harder the Magical Girl is to obtain.
  • Max Rarity is the highest Rarity a Magical Girl can be, after a player has begun to upgrade her. Most Magical Girls in the game can be raised to 4★ or 5★.

A higher base Rarity normally translates into higher overall stats when compared to a lower-Rarity Magical Girl that has been upgraded - for example, Tamaki Iroha (a base 1★) has significantly lower stats at 4★ than Kaname Madoka (a base 4★).

Rarity can be increased through a process called Awakening.


Another influencer of a Magical Girl's stats is her type. Girls of a certain type tend to (but not always) have similar stat ratios, i.e. Defense-types will generally have higher DEF and lower ATK. They may also have abilities and skills that reflect their typing and shape their playstyle.

A less noticable but crucial element of Typing is on MP Calculation in combat.

Disc Set

See main article: Discs

Every Magical Girl has a deck of 5 discs. These represent her attacks; each turn in a battle, 5 random discs are selected from the combined pool of all of the Magical Girls on a player's team.

Base Stats

The three main numerical stats are Health (HP), Attack (ATK), and Defense (DEF).

  • The more HP a character has, the longer she will last in battle.
  • ATK determines how hard a character will hit.
  • DEF reduces the amount of damage a character takes from opponents.

A Magical Girl's base stats can be improved upon through upgrades such as Spirit Enhancement and Memoria, and by increasing her Rarity and level.


See main article: Connect

Every Magical Girl has a Connect ability that allows them to boost other members of their team.

A Magical Girl can unlock her Connect in battle by attacking opponents three times. Once her Connect is available, she can pass her next attack over to an ally, who then receives all the buffs granted by that Connect.

A Magical Girl's Connect improves as her Rarity increases.


See main article: Magia

Magical Girls gain MP in battle through certain actions, such as using Accele discs or MP-boosting Skills. When a Magical Girl reaches 100 MP, she is able to use a devastating attack known as Magia. This special attack can target one or multiple opponents, dealing significantly more damage than normal, and applying buffs and debuffs across both teams.

Magia can be improved by increasing Episode level, Magia level, and Rarity.


See main article: Doppel

Magical Girls who reach 5★ Rarity gain the ability to use their Doppel, a much more powerful version of their Magia.

Spirit Enhancement

See main article: Spirit Enhancement

Some Magical Girls have gained access to the Spirit Enhancement tree, which gives them bonus stat upgrades, passive Abilities, and active skills.

Memoria Slots

New Magical Girls can equip a Memoria card to boost her stats and grant her Skills or Abilities in combat. Extra copies of the Magical Girl are converted into Destiny Gems, which can be used to increase the number of Memoria slots she has, to a maximum of 4, in a process known as Magical Release.

How to Obtain

Magical Girls are either Unlimited or Limited.

Unlimited Magical Girls

Unlimited Magical Girls can be obtained at any time after their release into the game, namely from the Gacha:

  • Rare Gacha/Premium Fate Weave
  • Event Gacha/Fate Weaves (unless otherwise stated)

Limited Magical Girls

Limited Magical Girls can normally only be obtained as part of an Event, such as:

  • Limited-time Event Gacha/Fate Weaves
  • Event-specific Missions
  • Event Shops
  • Login Bonuses or Campaigns

Welfare Magical Girls

Welfare Magical Girls are limited Magical Girls that can only be obtained from Event Shops.
For a list check Welfare Magical Girls.


In the Madoka☆Magica universe, Kamihama City is plagued by many powerful Witches which surpass those outside of the city.

As a result, the city is home to dozens of Magical Girls, many who have banded together or formed teams to improve their chances of defeating enemies. They are supported by the Adjuster, who strengthens other Magical Girls rather than fighting herself.

Recently, the huge increase in the city's Witch population has attracted Magical Girls from outside the city, as dwindling prey elsewhere forces girls to either travel or fight amongst themselves for survival...

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