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Event Duration

1st April 2021 00:00 JST - 14th April 2021 14:59 JST

Minigame: How It Works

1. On 4/1, this special game mode can be accessed via the Mirrors menu. After this date it can be accessed from the banner on the top-right of the home screen.

Magical Paper Sumo 1.jpg

2. Choose your Magical Girl to compete with.

Magical Paper Sumo 2.jpg

3. The basic rules of Sumo are to force your opponent out of the ring, or force them to touch the ground (or in this case, fall over). Tap the screen to start then repeatedly tap the screen to fight.

Magical Paper Sumo 3.jpg

(Players are advised that occassionally, unusual shenanigans may occur in the ring that result in unexpected results)

4. Once the match is over, you can choose to fight again or quit.

Magical Paper Sumo 4.jpg


There aren't any. Sorry.


A limited-time website is available for this game. From the site players can Tweet about their favourite Magical Girl for the event, and download a papercraft set to play Magical Paper Sumo with friends.


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