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Event duration:13th July 2018 16:00 (Friday) JST - 20th July 2018 14:59 (Monday) JST
(The event missions will be available until 20 July 23:59)

During the above duration, there will be 2 campaigns simultaneously:

Half AP: During the period, all battles in Main Story Chapter 1-7 and Another Story Chapter 1-7 will cost half AP (rounded up).

Limited Daily Missions: During this period, extra daily missions will occur as shown below.

メインストーリーを1回クリア Clear Main Story once 1x AP Potion.png
メインストーリーを3回クリア Clear Main Story 3 times 100000x CC.png
メインストーリーを5回クリア Clear Main Story 5 times 1x Gacha Ticket.png
アナザーストーリーを1回クリア Clear Another Story once 3x Master Gem ++.png
アナザーストーリーを3回クリア Clear Another Story 3 times 5x Magia Stone.png