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Memoria (JP: メモリア) are the crystallized memories of Magical Girls.

In Magia Record, Memoria take the form of "cards" that can be equipped to a player's Magical Girls. Each card grants bonus stats as well as either a usable active Skill or passive Ability.

Memoria Types

There are two types of Memoria cards: Skills and Abilities.


Skills (JP: スキル) can be activated in battle by the player; while active, they provide a limited-time effect, targetting either the Magical Girl the Memoria is equipped to, the player's team, or the opponent(s). This duration of these effects vary by Memoria. Additionally, after being activated the Skill will enter "cooldown", during which it cannot be re-activated.

The bonuses provided by Skills can be very high compared to Abilities, so carefully timing when to activate them is crucial against tougher opponents.


Generally, Ability (JP: アビリティ) effects are not as powerful as those bonuses provided by Skills, and only affect the Magical Girl equipped with the Memoria.

The upside is that, unlike Skills, the effect bonuses provided by passive Abilities are always active as soon as the battle starts.

Acquiring Memoria

Like Magical Girls, Memoria can be either unlimited or limited. Additionally, some Memoria are classed as Personal or Character-Specific Memoria, meaning they can only be equipped to a specific Magical Girl. Be sure to carefully check a Memoria's obtainability and usability when considering which ones to acquire.

Unlimited Memoria

Unlimited Memoria can be obtained from any Gacha, including:

  • Rare Gacha
  • Normal Gacha
  • Event Gacha (unless otherwise specified)

Limited Memoria

Some limited Memoria are only available during specific Events, some are only available in limited quantities, and others can be both. Potential sources for limited Memoria include:

  • Event Shops
  • Event Missions
  • Event completion rewards
  • Campaign bonuses
  • Shop

Personal Memoria

Personal Memoria are usually unlimited, regardless of the characters who can use it, though there are a handful of exceptions. Sources of Personal Memoria include:

  • Magical Girl Story Quests - completing Chapter 3 Episode 3 of a Magical Girl's personal story will give 1 copy of her main Personal Memoria
  • Normal Gacha
  • Event Shops for certain special Event characters
  • Bonus codes from certain Media, such as TV Anime Blu-Rays

Equipping Memoria

See main article: Team Building

Players can equip and change Memoria from any team selection menu.

When a Magical Girl is obtained for the first time, she can only equip one Memoria. Players can perform Magical Release on their characters to unlock up to 3 additional slots.

Note that regardless of how many Memoria slots are unlocked, a single Magical Girl can only equip at most 2 Skills and 2 Abilities.

Managing Memoria

See main article: Memoria Menu

Like Magical Girls, Memoria start off at level 1, unascended.

Every Memoria can be improved either by increasing its level or Ascending it.

Memoria Level

Increasing a Memoria's level involves sacrificing other, usually less powerful cards to it. The amount of XP a Memoria gives when fed to other Memoria varies based on its Rarity - the rarer the card, the more XP it gives.

Levelling a Memoria increases the stat bonuses to HP, ATK, and/or DEF that it proovides.

The maximum level a Memoria can reach is based both on its Rarity and its Ascendance level:

Rarity Ascendance Level
0 1 2 3 Max
10 15 20 25 30
✵✵ 15 20 25 30 35
✵✵✵ 20 25 30 35 40
✵✵✵✵ 30 35 40 45 50

Ascending Memoria

As with levelling, Ascending a Memoria involves sacrificing other cards to it. The difference in this instance is that Ascending requires duplicate copies of that Memoria. 5 individual copies of a Memoria must be combined in order to reach its Max Ascended state.

In addition to increasing a Memoria's level cap, reaching the Max Ascended state of the Memoria usually also improves its Effects. In the case of Skills, the cooldown is usually also reduced.