Memoriae (Singular: Memoria) are the crystallized memories of magical girls.

Memoriae are equipable strengthening items, each providing different (sometimes similar) bonus stats and abilities to a magical girl. While it is possible to equip up to 4 Memoriae, you need Magic Release in order to allow a magical girl to equip more than 1 Memoria.

Only one copy of a Memoria can be equipped on a magical girl. Additionally, only two ability or skill type Memorias can be equipped at a time, respectively.

Memoria Types

There are two types of memoriae: Skill and Ability

  • Skill: Usable during combat, these memoriae will provide a temporary effect, either targeting enemies, allies, or the disk set on hand. These duration of these effects vary by memoria and, after activation, there will be a period of time where the memoria will be unable to be used.
    Note: In PVP, active memoriae begin the battle with initial cooldown of half of the full cooldown duration, rounded down.
  • Ability: The memoriae will provide bonus effects all the time, without requiring specific activation.

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