Memoriae (Singular: Memoria) are the crystallized memories of magical girls.

Memoriae are equipable strengthening items, each providing different (sometimes similar) bonus stats and abilities to a magical girl. While it is possible to equip up to 4 Memoriae, you need Magic Release in order to allow a magical girl to equip more than 1 Memoria.

Only one copy of a Memoria can be equipped on a magical girl. Additionally, only two ability or skill type Memorias can be equipped at a time, respectively.

Memoria Types

There are two types of Memoriae: Skill and Ability

  • Skill: Usable during combat, these Memoriae provide temporary effects, either targeting enemies, allies, or the disk set on hand. This duration of these effects vary by Memoria and, after activation, there will be a period of time where the Memoria will be unable to be used.
    Note: In PVP, active Memoriae begin the battle with initial cooldown of half of the full cooldown duration, rounded down.
  • Ability: These Memoriae provide bonus effects all the time, without requiring specific activation.

Special Thanks

Credit for various memoriae translations and corrections:

  • /u/astalotte
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  • RakkaKaze
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