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From the Memoria Menu, you can strengthen, store, or sell your Memoria. You can also create presets to quickly equip your Magical Girls.

(hover over each menu button to see what it does)

Strengthening - increase Memoria levelsArchive - view stats, effects, and lore of your cardsLimit Break - combine duplicate Memoria to improve their statsPresets - build preset decks to equip Magical Girls withStorage - move extra Memoria to storage to free up spaceSell - trade unwanted Memoria for CCTutorial Memoria Menu.png
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For the amount of XP needed to level Memoria, see Memoria Level Experience

Strengthening a Memoria raises its level, which increases the HP, Attack, and Defense bonuses it provides. Increasing a Memoria's level involves "feeding" it other Memoria, so think carefully about which Memoria you want to keep when doing this, as Memoria that are "fed" to other Memoria are lost forever.

How to Level Memoria

1. Select the card you want to level. Only Memoria that are not already maxed can be selected.

Tutorial Memoria level 1.png

2. Click a "feeder" slot to select your sacrificial Memoria.

Tutorial Memoria level 2.png

3. Select the Memoria you wish to sacrifice (hover over the highlighted areas for more detailed explanations)

Your total number of Memoria / max amount of Memoria you can haveNumber of Memoria you have selectedApply filters - this is detailed further belowChange sort type - this is detailed further belowToggle ascending/descending sortClear selectionAuto-select up to 10 1* and 2* MemoriaThe minimum amount of XP that will be gainedThe amount of XP needed for the next Memoria levelThe CC cost required to level this MemoriaYour current CC balanceConfirm your selectionSelect up to 10 "feeder" Memoria to sacrificeToggle the amount of Memoria shown on the pageTutorial Memoria Filter 1.png
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4. Press the pink button to accept. You will be asked if you are sure you want to proceed, click the pink button again to accept.

Tutorial Memoria level 3.png


  • The amount of XP a feeder Memoria gives depends on its rarity. The lower the rarity, the less XP it gives. (Note: that some special Memoria give bonus XP).
  • Like Magical Girl Strengthening, Memoria Levelling has a chance of being extra successful, resulting in the Memoria gaining more XP than originally shown. Keep this in mind when levelling a Memoria near its maximum level.
  • Memoria cannot be levelled past their maximum level; any excess XP is therefore wasted.
  • Memoria levelling costs CC based on the projected XP gain.

Limit Breaking

When you have more than 1 copy of a Memoria, one copy can be "fed" its duplicates in a process called Limit Breaking. Doing so raises that Memoria's XP and maximum level. You can feed a Memoria up to 4 copies of itself, creating a card that is max limit broken (MLB). A Memoria that is MLB grants improved bonuses.

How To Limit Break Memoria

1. Select the card you want to limit break. You can only select cards that you have more than 1 copy of. Cards that are already MLB cannot be selected.

Tutorial MLB 1.png

2. Click a "feeder" slot to view duplicates

Tutorial MLB 2.png

2. Select the copies you want to "feed". Be careful - the extra copies are lost forever. This screen is the same as for Strengthening, but shows the predicted level of Limit Break rather than XP gain.

Tutorial MLB 3.png

3. Press the purple button to accept. You will be asked if you are sure you want to proceed, click the pink button to accept.

Tutorial MLB 4.png


  • A Memoria will only ever gain 1 Limit Break level per copy, regardless of the level of the copy. Be careful that you do not feed a card with higher Limit Break to card with a lower Limit Break.
  • In total, it takes 5 copies of a Memoria to MLB it.
  • Each limit break increases a card's maximum level by 5. The maximum level that a card can achieve through Limit Break depends on its rarity:
    • 1*: 30
    • 2*: 35
    • 3*: 40
    • 4*: 50
  • Limit breaking a Memoria costs CC based on its rarity.


Creating a Memoria preset allows you to quickly equip Memoria to your Magical Girls. You can also access this screen from the Team Building menu.

To create a preset or modify an existing set, simply click the the pink button next to that preset slot.

Tutorial Presets.png

You can also modify presets from the Team Building menu.


You can store Memoria that you want to keep, but may not be able to use at the time. Storing cards prevents them from being accidentally fed to other cards and frees up space for other Memoria.

Click the pink and purple boxes to switch between active and stored Memoria. Select a Memoria and hit the 決定 button to move it.

Tutorial Memoria Storage.png


You can sell Memoria for CC. Be careful when selling Memoria, as you cannot retrieve these afterwards. Additionally, you cannot sell Memoria that are equipped on a Magical Girl on any team.

Tutorial Sell Memoria.png

Note that the CC exchange rate is generally considered to be poor.


On Memorial Menus, you can apply the following filters to limit the Memoria shown:

Tutorial Memoria Filters.png
("Enhancement" refers to Memoria Circuit, Memoria Circuit - Core, and Over Limiter - Core)

Additionally, you can sort Memoria by the following criteria:

  • Rarity
  • Level
  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Limit Break Level
  • Date Obtained

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