Magia Record English Wiki
Magia Record English Wiki

Midori Ryou Midori Ryou.png
Costume Name Midori Ryou (観鳥 令)
Costume ID 304600
Obtainability Unlimited

Midori Ryou Pre-Transformation.png
Costume Name Pre-Transformation (変身前)
Costume ID 304601
Obtainability Unlimited

Midori Ryou Wing of Magius(White・H).png
Costume Name Wing of Magius(White・H) (マギウスの翼(白・H))
Costume ID 715104
Obtainability Unobtainable

Midori Ryou Swimsuit 20.png
Costume Name Swimsuit 20 (水着20)
Costume ID 304650
Obtainability Welcome to Uwasa Aquarium ~The Memories Entrusted in the Treasure Casket~

Midori Ryou Halloween 20.png
Costume Name Halloween 20 (ハロウィーン20)
Costume ID 304651
Obtainability Halloween Castle of Prayers and Funeral

Midori Ryou PAPA Ryou.png
Costume Name PAPA Ryou (PAPA_令01)
Costume ID 304688
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star

Midori Ryou PAPA White Feather.png
Costume Name PAPA White Feather (PAPA_白羽根02)
Costume ID 304689
Obtainability Kamihama Rarity Star