Magical Girl

Vo char 2004 00 01
自己紹介⓵ - Self Introduction 1
[JP] うーむ、マミさんを追っかけて、ついにあたしも神浜デビューした訳だけど、確かに妙な街だわ。魔女や使い魔とはそこらで出くわすし、それにぃ何?あのウワサ?とかいうやつも想像以上にヤバイしさ。まぁマミさんなら遅れを取ったりはしないだろうけど。
[NA] I came chasing after Mami, and now here I am striking out in Kamihama at last... Sure is a weird city! I ran into a bunch of Witches and Familiars back there, and then... Uh, what's it called? An Uwasa? That thing's way wilder than anything I could've imagined! Though it's nothing Mami can't keep up with...

Vo char 2004 00 02
自己紹介⓶ - Self Introduction 2
[JP] おっまたせ~!正義の魔法少女美樹さやかちゃん、ただいま参上!大船に乗ったつもりで大いに頼ってくれたまえ~なんてね!
[NA] Sorry for the wait! The Magical Girl of Justice, Sayaka Miki has arrived! Don't worry about anything! You can count on me! I know, cliche, right?

Personal Story

Vo char 2004 00 03
Story Chapter End 1
[NA] Leave everything to Detective Sayaka! Ask me anything ya like!

Vo char 2004 00 04
Story Chapter End 2
[NA] But seriously, how many times do I need to say it's not a date?!

Vo char 2004 00 05
Story Chapter End 3
[NA] Who knew there were that many Magical Girls out there...

Vo char 2004 00 06
Story Select 1
[JP] まさか探偵ごっこをする羽目になるとはね!
[NA] Never thought I'd be doing detective work!

Vo char 2004 00 07
Story Select 2
[JP] またあいつと外出できるなんて、夢みたい…
[NA] I can't believe we're going to hang out together again! Am I dreaming?

Vo char 2004 00 08
Story Select 3
[JP] レアなCD、神浜でも見つかるかな…?
[NA] I wonder if I'll be able to find some rare CDs in Kamihama.

Vo char 2004 00 09
Story Select 4
[JP] 魔法少女って、こんなにたくさんいたのかぁ
[NA] To think there were so many Magical Girls out there!

Vo char 2004 00 10
Story Select 5
[JP] …なんで、あたしたちなのかな?
[NA] Why did it have to be us?

Vo char 2004 00 11
Story Select 6
[JP] さあ、今夜も魔女をやっつけないと
[NA] Alright, time to kill myself some Witches today!

Vo char 2004 00 12
Unused 1
[JP] 奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ
[NA] Magic really exists, and miracles really do happen.


Vo char 2004 00 13
強化完了 - Strengthening Complete
[JP] おぉぅ、なんだかマジカルな力が満ちてきた。
[NA] Whoa! I'm brimming all over with this cool magical feeling!

Vo char 2004 00 14
強化(Lv最大時) - Strengthening Max
[JP] っんあぁい。久々に気分いいわー。爽快爽快。
[NA] Mmgh, I haven't felt this good in forever! Talk about refreshing!

Vo char 2004 00 15
エピソードLvアップ - Episode Lvl Up
[JP] いつも一緒にいてくれて、ありがとう。すっごく心強いよ。
[NA] Thanks for sticking with me all this time. It really takes a load off my mind!

Vo char 2004 00 16
魔力解放 - Magical Release 1
[JP] うわぁ、何だか世界が、違って見えてきた気がするよ。
[NA] I've earned enough experience to stand tall as a pretty decent Magical Girl, I think! But I'm still the same old Sayaka. Hope we can keep on working together!

Vo char 2004 00 17
魔力解放 - Magical Release 2
[JP] うん、あたし、ちょっと強くなってきたかも。前は手も足も出なかった相手と戦っても、今だったら勝てるような気がするんだ。
[NA] I don't really have any special potential or skills... But hey, even I managed to get this tough! Am I allowed to be proud of that? I think so, right?

Vo char 2004 00 18
魔力解放 - Magical Release 3
[NA] I'm not the same Sayaka I used to be. Now I'm a whole new person... One I never could've become on my own! Now it's time to put the new me to the test and cut loose!

Vo char 2004 00 19
マギアLvアップ - Magia Lvl Up
[NA] I'm on top of the world! Right now I'm soaring, flying above the clouds!

Vo char 2004 00 20
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 1
[NA] Y'know, I think I'm seeing the world in a new light now.

Vo char 2004 00 21
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 2
[NA] Wow, I think I got a bit stronger... I kinda feel like I can beat opponents I wouldn't stand a chance against before!

Vo char 2004 00 22
魔法少女覚醒 - Awaken 3
[NA] My wish was to heal my childhood friend's injury. Well, no, it wasn't just that... What I really wanted was the power to help all of the people precious to me. So I don't have a single regret about becoming a Magical Girl. I don't think it would be right to regret it.

Vo char 2004 00 23
Unused 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed


Vo char 2004 00 24
ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] よし!今日も1日頑張っていこーう。毎日色々あるけどウジウジ悩んでたって何も解決しないしね。
[NA] All right, let's face the day with everything we got! Each day is full of challenges, but you won't fix 'em by sitting around and worrying about them!

Vo char 2004 00 25
ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] おっはよう。あたしは目覚ましが鳴らなくて、あやうく寝過ごすとこだったけど・・・何とかセーフって感じ。
[NA] Morning! My alarm clock didn't go off, so I almost overslept, but phew... I made it!

Vo char 2004 00 26
ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] よし、お昼のじかーん。さっ早くいこいこ。そんなに慌てるなって?無理無理。なんてったって、まだ成長期だからね。
[NA] Whoohoo, lunch time! C'mon, let's go go go! What, you don't think it's worth going crazy over? Of course it is! I'm a growing girl, aren't I!

Vo char 2004 00 27
ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] あたしはそろそろ出かけるよ。そっ、悪い魔女を探してパトロール。マミさんから教わった、正義の味方の務めだからね。
[NA] I'm heading out soon. Yep, on the lookout for sneaky Witches. That's what it takes to be an ally of justice, just like Mami said!

Vo char 2004 00 28
ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] うぅわ、もうこんな時間。予定じゃ、もう宿題を済ませて寝てるはずだったのにぃ。くぅー、あたしが甘かったー。
[NA] What, it's this late already?! I finally finished my homework and now I gotta hit the hay! Ugh... I should have started earlier!

Vo char 2004 00 29
ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] クラシックなんて、聞く柄じゃないだろうって、みんなが思うみたいでさ。たまに曲名とか言い当てたらスゴイ驚かれるんだよね。
[NA] I don't think people take me for someone who listens to classical music. When I know the name of some famous piece, everyone just flips out...

Vo char 2004 00 30
ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] おっそーい。魔女パトロールの準備、もうできてるよ。さっ、モタモタしないでしゅっぱーつ。
[NA] You're late! We're all ready for some Witch patrolling! No slacking off! Time to get going!

Vo char 2004 00 31
ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] あたしはね、大切な人を守る為に、この力を望んだの。もし魔女より悪い人間がいれば、あたしは戦うよ。例えそれが、魔法少女でも。
[NA] I wished for powers to protect the people I love. If someone shows up that's worse than a Witch, I'll fight them. Even if it's a Magical Girl.

Vo char 2004 00 32
Unused 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 33
魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] まどかのママって、カッコイイよなぁ。美人だし、バリキャリだし、一体どうやったら、あんな風になれるんだろう
[NA] Madoka's mom is reeeally cool. She's gorgeous AND has an awesome job. How do ya turn into someone like that?

Vo char 2004 00 34
魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] 友達の仁美はピアノだの、日本舞踊だの、毎日のお稽古ごとに忙しいみたい。あたしは小市民に生まれてよかったわー。
[NA] My friend Hitomi is busy every day taking piano lessons, Japanese dance, stuff like that. So glad I'm just a middle-class kid...

Vo char 2004 00 35
魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] CD屋巡りを始めたのは、幼馴染の為なんだけどさ。なぜかあたし、超レア物をワゴンで見つけちゃったりするんだよね。
[NA] I only started checking out CD shops 'cause of my friend. For some reason I've gotten real good at spotting super rare stuff!

Vo char 2004 00 36
魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] 魔法少女になって、一番驚いたのは、テレパシーが使える事だね。仕組みはサッパリ分んないんだけど、時々すっごく便利だよ。
[NA] The thing that shocked me most about becoming a Magical Girl was being able to use telepathy! I have no idea how it works, but it can it's super handy!

Vo char 2004 00 37
魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] まどかのヤツー。かわいいリボンをつけて男子にもてようなんて許さんぞぉ。まどかはあたしの嫁になるのだ。
[NA] Oh, Madoka... Putting her hair up in ribbons, getting attention from all the boys! I won't have it! Madoka is MINE, ya hear?

Vo char 2004 00 38
魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] あの暁美ほむらって転校生。眼鏡、三つ網に加えてドジっこ要素もあると見た。萌えか、そ・こ・が萌えなのかー!
[NA] That transfer student, Homura Akemi... She's got glasses, braids, AND can't stop tripping over thin air. Is she TRYING to be a fan favorite?! Is that it?!

Vo char 2004 00 39
魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[NA] We're so lucky to have a great senpai like Mami at our school. She never uses magic for her own gain! She's the most upstanding Magical Girl.

Vo char 2004 00 40
魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[NA] You know Kyoko? She always yelling, "It's too bitter!" when she tries the tea Mami makes... She's got taste buds of a little kid!

Vo char 2004 00 41
魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[JP] 奇跡を願う権利を、あたしはアイツの為に使ったけど。その気持ちを嘘にしたくないんだ。だから後悔なんかしないよ、絶対に。
[NA] I used my one shot at a miracle for him... I'm not gonna downplay the feelings I had when I did it. I don't regret my choice, and I never will. No way.


Vo char 2004 00 42
クエスト開始 - Battle Start
[JP] あたしがぶっ飛ばしてやる。
[NA] I'm gonna punch your lights out!

Vo char 2004 00 43
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 1
[JP] 一件落着、って感じかな
[NA] Case closed, I guess!

Vo char 2004 00 44
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 2
[JP] 危機一髪ってとこだったね
[NA] Sheesh, that was cutting it close!

Vo char 2004 00 45
クエスト勝利 - Battle Victory 3
[JP] 自分を褒めちゃいたい気分?
[NA] Is it okay to praise myself for that?

Vo char 2004 00 46
Unused 5
[JP] 退屈で居眠りしちゃうとこだったよ!
[NA] I almost dozed off from sheer boredom there!


Vo char 2004 00 47
Disc Select 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 48
Disc Select 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 49
Disc Select 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 50
Disc Select 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 51
Targeting Ally With Connect Disc Select
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 52
Targeted By Connect Disc Select From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 53
Attack 1
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 54
Attack 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 55
Attack 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 56
Attack 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 57
Attack 5
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 58
Attack 6
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 59
Attack 7
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 60
Attack 8
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 61
Attack 9
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 62
Attack 10
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 63
Magia 1 (Note: The lines used in the game varies; they are normally a mix of Magia and Attack voice lines.)
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 64
Magia 2
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 65
Magia 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 66
Magia 4
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 67
Doppel (Note: While most characters have Doppel sounds, this does not imply a release of the character's Doppel any time in the foreseeable future)
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 68
Giving Connect Attack To Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 69
Connect Attack Given From Ally
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 70
Actives on Self
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 71
Actives on Allies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 72
Actives on Enemies
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 73
Taking Damage
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 74
Taking Damage While At Critical Health
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 00 75
[JP] Japanese quote needed

Vo char 2004 51 24
ログイン(初回ログイン時) - Login (First login)
[JP] いらっしゃーい!ここがあたしの親戚がやってる宿屋ね。どーよ!夏を満喫できそうじゃなーい!?
[NA] Welcome! My aunt and uncle run this inn. Whatcha think? We can enjoy summer to the max here, don'tcha think?

Vo char 2004 51 25
ログイン(朝) - Login (Morning)
[JP] おっはよ!早く起きれたから浜辺を散策してたんだー。まだ暑くないし潮風が気持ちよかったよ。もう一回りするけど一緒に行く?
[NA] Mornin'! I got up real early so I took a trip around the beach. It's still not too hot yet, and the breeze feels great. I'm gonna go again, wanna come with?

Vo char 2004 51 26
ログイン(昼) - Login (Noon)
[JP] ふぅあぁ~食後の一休みっと!泳いだり浜辺で遊んだりするのもいいけど、海の家から遊んでる人達をボーっと見るのも悪くないな~
[NA] It's fun playing on the shore, but watching other people play from the beach house isn't half bad either!

Vo char 2004 51 27
ログイン(夜) - Login (Evening)
[JP] さーって!お夕飯は何でしょー!せっかくだし海の幸が良いよね。たっくさん泳い後だから何だって美味しく感じるんだけどさ!
[NA] Okay, what's for dinner?! We're at the beach, so it'd be a waste not to have seafood! But you know, everything tastes even better after a good swim.

Vo char 2004 51 28
ログイン(深夜) - Login (Night)
[JP] 夜の浜辺と言えば…そう花火!見てよー。沢山用意したんだから!全部終わるまで…寝かせないよ?
[NA] We're at the beach at night, and you know what that means! Right, fireworks! I brought loads! I'm not gonna let you sleep 'till they're all gone!

Vo char 2004 51 29
ログイン(その他) - Login (Other)
[JP] 日焼け止めはこまめに塗りなおさないとね。あたしだって一応そういう所にも気を使ってるよ。やけると後が大変だし!
[NA] You gotta be diligent about reapplying sunscreen. Even I put effort into that, y'know? Cause you'll be sorry once you get burned.

Vo char 2004 51 30
ログイン(AP最大時) - Login (AP full)
[JP] なーつだー!うーみだー!まーじょ退治だー!という訳でノリノリ夏モードのさやかちゃんだけど、魔女退治は手を抜かないからね!
[NA] Summer! The beach! Snuffing out Witches! I might be in total summer mode, but I'm not taking it easy on Witch hunts!

Vo char 2004 51 31
ログイン(BP最大時) - Login (BP full)
[JP] この暑さだし相手が夏バテしてたりは…しないか…。よーっし!こっちも気合いいれて暑さを吹き飛ばすよ!
[NA] It's so hot, I wonder if these summer temps'll tire my opponents out... Anyway! I'm gonna push through and totally beat this heat!

Vo char 2004 51 33
魔法少女タップ - Tap 1
[JP] 遠泳行く人ー!?おっ!やる気マンマンじゃん!あそこに見える島まで先についた人が勝ちだよ。よーい…スタート!
[NA] Long-distance swimmers, on your marks! Oooh, everyone looks raring to go. First one to that island over there wins! Ready...GO!

Vo char 2004 51 34
魔法少女タップ - Tap 2
[JP] 扇風機に向かって「ああああ」ってやるやつあるじゃん。子供っぽいって思うけど、ついやっちゃんだよねー!
[NA] Y'know that thing where you yell "Ahhh!" into the fan? It's pretty childish, but I still do it anyway...

Vo char 2004 51 35
魔法少女タップ - Tap 3
[JP] コラ!杏子!そのブルーハワイあたしのカキ氷だから勝手に食べないでよー!自分の分あるでしょー!
[NA] Hey, Kyoko! The blue shaved ice is mine! Don't you eat one bite of it! It's MINE, eat your own!

Vo char 2004 51 36
魔法少女タップ - Tap 4
[JP] あっちの海岸はサーフィンする人用なんだって。波に乗るって…どんな気分なんだろう。あたしも…挑戦してみようかな。
[NA] Surfers use that beach over there. Wonder how it feels to ride a wave? I gotta give it a try some time!

Vo char 2004 51 37
魔法少女タップ - Tap 5
[JP] じゃーん!どーよ!この水着!みんなで海に行くって事で新調しちゃったんだよねー。派手すぎかなー?アハハ! [Translation]

Vo char 2004 51 38
魔法少女タップ - Tap 6
[JP] まどかやほむらみたいな水着も良いよね。可愛くって女の子らしくってさ。ただ…あたしはなぁ…キャラじゃないっていうか… [Translation]

Vo char 2004 51 39
魔法少女タップ - Tap 7
[JP] ひやああ!マミさんの水着姿見たー!?あれこそ、セクシー&キュートって感じだよね!憧れるわ~! [Translation]

Vo char 2004 51 40
魔法少女タップ - Tap 8
[JP] 水着姿をアイツに!?み、見せにいく訳ないでしょ!ただの幼馴染だし…いきなり水着見せにこられても困るだろうしさ… [Translation]

Vo char 2004 51 41
魔法少女タップ - Tap 9
[JP] どうしたどうした~。水着姿のさやかちゃんに見惚れちゃった?…って…そういう反応されちゃうと…コッチが照れちゃうんだけど…
[NA] Oooh, what's up? Entranced by my beauty in this outfit? G-geeze, don't react like that! Now you're making ME blush.

Vo char 2004 51 32
Unused 3
[JP] Japanese quote needed

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