Attack Up Is My Power Necessary? ★★★★★★★★★★★★
Attack Up V / 30%VII / 35%IX / 40%
Accele MP Gain Up V / 30%VII / 40%VIII / 45%
Chance to Critical Hit --VII / 60%


Stats shown are at Magia level 1, increasing with the scaling for each Magia level gained.

Magia All Oracle Ray ★★★★★★★★★★★★ Scaling
Damage All Enemies IV / 330%VI / 350%VIII / 370% 10%
MP Restore -Self / 27.5 MPSelf / 30 MP 1
Chance to Evade --Self / 1 Turn / 100% -


Mikuni Oriko doppel Sotria Sotria
Doppel of Agony
Dance Ball Shaped
Doppel Effects
Damage All Enemies [X / 946%] & MP Restore (Self / 39 MP) & Chance to Evade (Self / 1 Turn / 100%)
Draft & Supervision: Mura Kuroe

The Doppel of anguish. Its form is a dance ball. The master of this emotion has made it her mission to change the future that she foresaw. Wind blows, flowers scatter away, and their petals wander astray into another world. As heavy mist envelops all of one’s surroundings, the time comes at last. The mist blends together with the wafting petals, the curtain rises on the banquet, and this Doppel begins its dance. When the steps of its dance have reached their highest peak, all enemies vanish like a flower in a storm, and a sacrifice is offered on the ballroom floor.
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