Magia Archive Profile

  • Hometown: Sankyō Ward, Kamihama City (参京区)
  • Age: 13 (Middle School 1st Year)
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Weapon: 龍頭大铡刀 (a Chinese two-handed sword/axe)
  • Ability: Invincibility (for a limited time, greatly improve defensive power)
  • Soul Gem Location: Below her neck

Side Story

No Summary


  • Ayame gets easily distracted and often gets lost. However, she's always able to find her way back.
  • Her parents abandoned her, and she's unable to remember anything about them.
  • She loves eating. One time she even passed out after eating too much.
  • She collects random things, like a bicycle bell, and saves them inside her treasure box.
  • Ayame also has sharp senses, which has saved her and her friends more than once.


Ayame is available exclusively as an Event reward/Event shop purchase, and has been available in the following events:

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